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Red Scarf Girl Characters

I know we don't need to know these but here they are anyway:

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Jiang Ji-li
The main protagonist of the story, very smart and well-educated girl that is born into a "black" family
Jiang Xi-reng
Ji-li's father, works as an actor, accused of being a landlord and a rightist
Chen Ying
Ji-li's mother, accused of being a landlord's wife
Ji-li's somewhat mischievous younger brother
Ji-li's younger sister
An Yi
Ji-li's best friend
Ji-li's grandma
Song Po-po
Ji-li's faithful housekeeper
Chairman Mao
Communist leader of China
Principal Long
Principal of Ji-li's elementary school
Teacher Gu
One of Ji-li's elementary school teachers
Little White
Ji-li's cat, gives away the hiding place of the very important letter
Grandpa Hong
Friendly owner of bookstall
Du Hai
Troublemaker in Ji-li's class, often torments her for being a "black whelp"
Yin Lan-lan
Formerly clumsy and stupid girl who torments Ji-li with Du Hai
Yang Fan
"Echo", very quiet girl who is "friends" with Du Hai/Yin Lan-lan
Zhang Jie
An Yi's elementary school seatmate
Old Qian
Frightening old man who oppresses Red Guards
Jiang Xi-wen
Ji-li's aunt, a rich woman hated by all of the schoolchildren
Yu Jian
Chairman of the elementary school class, one of the smartest children
Teacher Ke
Teacher who has a "relationship" with Ji-li (as described in the da-zi-bao)
Deng Yi-yi
"Pauper", comes from a very poor family
Mr./Mrs. Rong
Mr. is deceased, Mrs. is old rich woman full of fourolds
Leader of "Destroy the Four Olds" movement, has six fingers on his right hand
Jia Hong-yu
District's most famous Red Guard leader
An Yi's Grandma
Like a "second grandma" to Ji-li, commits suicide
Teacher Wei
An Yi's mother who is formerly a Model Teacher
Aunt Xi-wen's revolutionary son who breaks off all ties with his mother
Sang Hong-zhen
Du Hai's mother, Neighborhood Committee Party Secretary
Bai Shan
A very smart boy in Ji-li's class who appears to have a crush on her
Sun Lin-lin
Ji-li's smart "doll-like" friend
Chang Hong
Ji-li's friendly but very revolutionist deskmate
Uncle Fan
Ji-li's dad's friend who gets beaten up
Uncle Zhu
"Friend" who betrays Ji-li's dad
Officer Ma
Policeman in charge of resident registration
Chairman Jin
Chairman that tries to convince Ji-li to join the revolutionary cause
Revolutionist who absolutely hates Ji-li and slaps her grandma