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  1. apocryphal
  2. tremulously
  3. tactician
  4. arrears
  5. lenient
  1. a noun an unpaid overdue debt
  2. b noun a person who is skilled at planning tactics
  3. c adjective of questionable authenticity
  4. d adverb trembling, nervous, shaky or timid
  5. e adjective characterized by tolerance and mercy

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  1. noun curses
  2. verb to lessen
  3. adjective unbroken uninjured
  4. noun the state of being forgotten
  5. noun equipment

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  1. alacritynoun liveliness and eagerness


  2. anatomiseverb dissect; analyze


  3. manifestadjective characterized by tolerance and mercy


  4. modicumnoun a small amount


  5. attenuatedverb Agreed


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