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  1. attenuated
  2. fervent
  3. manifest
  4. accoutred
  5. emigrant
  1. a adjective clearly apparent or obvious to the mind or senses
  2. b adjective very passionate
  3. c verb decreased, weakened, thinned
  4. d noun someone who leaves one country to live in another
  5. e adjective equipped

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  1. adjective characterized by tolerance and mercy
  2. adjective of questionable authenticity
  3. noun approval
  4. noun disease transmitted by contact
  5. verb dissect; analyze

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  1. conflagrationnoun disease transmitted by contact


  2. expiationnoun curses


  3. equipagesadjective clearly apparent or obvious to the mind or senses


  4. floridnoun liveliness and eagerness


  5. oblivionnoun disease transmitted by contact