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I don't think I'd call such a(n) ______ grammatical mistake a minor "slip of the pen."


It will mean more to him to gain the approval of the few people who can appreciate his work than to recieve the ______ of the crowd.


He holds forth in great detail on what is wrong with our city government, but the remedies he suggests are exceedingly ______.


Her mind, ______ as a result of hours of exposure to the bitter cold, was not alert enough to sense the impending danger.


Since he was a(n) ______ at bridge, the three veteran players hoped to find someone more suitable to fill out their table.


Using the most up-to-date equipment, the firefighters worked tirelessly to ______ the victim of smoke inhalation.


The study of history teaches us that a hunger for land, like other kinds of ______, is the cause of a great many wars.


Your brilliant plan is based on one false ______ - that I am willing to work without pay.


The ______ she had experienced in her childhood and youth made her keenly aware of the value of money.


Sure, it's great to be a big-league ballplayer, but bear in mind that the years of stardom are brief and ______.


I told my friend that dress for the party was casual, but he showed up looking, in my opinion, just plain ______.


Does he use all those quotations as a means of clarifying his meaning, or simply as a(n) ______ display of his learning?


I was so ______ about whether to go out for basketball or for swimming that I ended up going out for neither.


As her anger slowly ______, she realized that such childish outburst of emotion would do nothing to help solver her problems.


I was impressed by the ______ way our hostess guided the conversations away from topics that might be embarrassing to her guests.


Since I truly loathe people who think they are "above the common herd," any form of snobbery is absolutely ______ to me.


Although she tried to ______, we insisted on a simple "yes" or "no" answer.


When you are ______ in returing a book to the library, you are preventing someone else from using it.


After giving us extremely detailed instructions for more than an hour, she briefly ______ and then sent us out on our assignments.


How can you consider him ______ when the accident was caused by a landslide that no one could have foreseen or prevented?

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