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  1. seismic waves
  2. divergent boundary
  3. mid-ocean ridges
  4. heat from the mantle and core
  5. plate tectonics
  1. a waves formed from an earthquake
  2. b Heat from what source in Earth causes convection currents?
  3. c where two plates move apart
  4. d the theory that states that pieces of Earth's lithosphere are in slow, constant motion, driven by convection currents in the mantle
  5. e an undersea mountain range where new ocean floor is produced and is a divergent place boundary

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  1. the idea that continents are slowly moving over Earth's surface
  2. the super continent that joined all present-day continents together
  3. heat transfer by the movement of currents within a fluid
  4. heat transfer between materials or between materials that are touching
  5. the three main layers of Earth

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  1. transform boundarywhere two plates move apart


  2. lithospherea soft layer below the lithosphere


  3. fossila measure of how much mass there is in a volume


  4. mantlea layer of hot rock


  5. platessections of the lithosphere that fit together along cracks