37 terms

UB and Kid functions

Bl 2
eliminates wind, clears heat, benefits eyes, clears head and alleviates pain
Bl 3 and 4
expels wind, clears head and alleviates pain, benefits eyes and nose
Bl 5
eliminates wind, descends yang and clears heat, clears head and nose
Bl 6
eliminates wind and clears heat, clears head and benefits eyes and nose
Bl 7
benefits and regulates nose, clears head
Bl 8
benefits sense organs, pacifies wind, transforms phlegm and calms spirit
Bl 9
xpels wind and cold and alleviates pain, benefits nose and eyes
Bl 12
expels wind and releases ext, strengthens the defensive qi and firms exterior, disseminates and descends lung qi, benefits nose
Bl 16
Regulates qi in chest and abdomen
Bl 24
strengthens lumbar region and legs, regulates lower jiao
Bl 27
separates clear from turbid, regulates intestines and bladder, drains turbid damp and clears damp heat, regulates small intestine qi
bl 29
benefits lumbar region, dispels cold and stops diarrhea
bl 30
benefits lumbar and legs, regulates menses, stops leucorrhea and seminal emission
bl 31-34
regs lower jiao and facilitates urination and defecation, regulates menstruationa nd stops leucorrhea, benefits lumbar and legs
bl 35
clears damp heat and regulates lower jiao, benefits coccyx and treats hemorrhoids
Bl 37
ACAP, benefits lumbar spine
Bl 38
relaxes sinews and alleviates pain, clears heat and soothes contraction
Bl 39
harmonizes sanjiao and regulates urination, acap
Bl 41
acap, expels wind and cold
bl 42
tonifies and nourishes lung, soothes dyspnoea and alleviates cough, acap
bl 43
tonifies and nourishes lu, ht, kid, sp and st, nourishes yin and clears heat, calms spirit, fosters original qi, resolves phlegm
bl 44
unbinds chest and regulates qi, acap
bl 45
expels wind, clears heat and descends lung qi, invigorates qi and blood and alleviates pain
bl 46
regulates diaphragm, benefits middle jiao and descends rebellion, acap
bl 47
spreads liver qi and relaxes sinews, harmonizes middle jiao
bl 48
regulates GB and clears damp heat, harmonizes middle jiao
bl 49
clears damp heat, regulates spleen and stomach
bl 50
harmonizes middle jiao
bl 51
dispels stagnation and benefits breasts
bl 52
tonifies kidneys and benefits essence, regultaes urination, strengthens lumbar region
bl 53
benefits lumbar, acap, regulates lower jiao and benefits urination
bl 54
benefits lumbar, acap, regs urination and tx hemorrhoids
bl 55
acap, stops uterine bleedign and tx genital pain
bl 56
relaxes sinews, acap, benefits foot and heel
bl 59
benefits lumbar, acap
bl 62
pacifies interior wind and expels ext wind, calms spirit and tx epilepsy, benefits head and eyes, open and regulates yang motility vessel, acap
bl 63
pacifies wind, moderates acute conditions, relaxes sinews, acap