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Angola - Luanda

Botswana - Gaborone

Burundi - Bujumbura

Comoros - Moroni

Republic of the Congo - Brazzaville

Democratic Republic of the Congo - Kinshasa

Equatorial Guinea - Malabo

Gabon - Libreville

Kenya - Nairobi

Lesotho - Maseru

Liberia - Monrovia

Madagascar - Antananarivo

Malawi - Lilongwe

Mauritius - Port Louis

Mozambique - Maputo

Namibia -Windhoek

Rwanda - Kigali

Seychelles - Victoria

South Africa - Cape Town

Swaziland - Mbabane


Tanzania - Dodoma


Uganda - Kampala


Zambia - Lusaka


Zimbabwe - Harare


Mount Kilimanjaro


Kalahari Desert


Indian Ocean


Gulf of Guinea


Mozambique Channel


Lake Victoria


Lake Tanganyika


Lake Nyasa


Victoria Falls


Zambezi River


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