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All of the above

Political parties perform which of the following functions?

He warned against the baneful effects of the spirt of party.

Which of the following is true about the feelings that George Washington had toward political parties?

It was organized by Alexander Hamilton, stood for strong central government, and made its appeal to banking, commercial, and financial interests.

Which of the following depicts the origin of the Federalist Party?

Democratic-Republican Party

The party that was organized by Thomas Jefferson that made its appeal to agrarian interests, debtors, and frontiersmen was the..

It was organized by Thomas Jefferson in an alliance with Aaron Burr that favored agrarian interests and appealed to debtors and frontiersmen.

Which of the following best defines the Democratic-Republican Party?

Abraham Lincoln

The first Republican to be elected to the presidency was..

Ross Perot

Which independent candidate for president made the strongest showing since Theodore Roosevelt ran as the head of the Progressive ("Bull Moose") Party in 1912?

Single-member districts where, in order to win, the candidate must receive a plurality of votes.

Which type of electoral system appears to contribute to the formation of a two-party system in any society?

More people call themselves Democrats and Republicans than call themselves independents.

Regarding the decline of party loyalty, which of the following is a correct statement?

all of the above

The fading of party loyalties among many voters has been one of the ost visible features of American politics in recent years. Some of the reasons are..

All of the above

Which of the following would most likely support a Democratic over a Republican candidate?

A white, Protestant corporate executive who resides in a suburb.

Which of the following would most likely vote for a Republican candidate?

all of the above

A classic study of national convention delegates found that the opinions of Democratic and Republican leaders diverged sharply and that...

Democrats tend to believe in the ability of government to solve problems.

Which of the following statements correctly describe the philosophies of the Republican or Democratic parties?

They were third-party movements.

What do the Know-Nothings of the 1850s, the Populists of the 1890s, and the Progressives of the 1920s have in common?

a mutual desire to have a "winner" at the head of the ticket who can provide a "coattail" effect

State parties are bound to the national party by..

All of the above

Which of the following has contributed to the decline of old-style, big-city political machines?

All of the above

Which of the following is true of the 2005 national nominating conventions of both major parties?

They have filled more of a ratifying function than a selection function.

Which of the following is true of the national conventions that have met since 1960?

All of the above

Although national conventions may no longer, as a rule, be an arenafor political struggle, they still serve a purpose because...

political parties usually carry out their campaign promises.

According to Gerald M. Pomper...


Volunteers and party organizers can have the most access to and influence on party politics at the ..... level

somebody else will do the participating for you

It is important for everyone to be involved regardless of which side one is on, because if one doesn't participate...

put the country first

Tom Pauken holds the view that whether Democrat or Republican, we have to...

national committee members of each party

The national chairperson of each party is chosen by...

manage the presidential campaign

In theory, it is the national chairperson's job to...

passing public congressional campaign funding

The Reform Party has organized around all of the following issues EXCEPT....

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