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  1. Wie heisst du?
  2. Der Kiefer
  3. Er mag pizza?
  4. Das Herz
  5. Es geht ihr gut.
  1. a Does he like pizza?
  2. b What are you called?
  3. c heart
  4. d jaw
  5. e She is good.

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  1. I am called...
  2. It is not hailing
  3. eye
  4. pleasing
  5. It is sunny.

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  1. Gefällt dir der Hagel?Is hail pleasing to you?


  2. Kein Problem.No problem.


  3. Freut mich auch.Pleased to meet you also.


  4. Gehört das dir?Does that belong to you?


  5. Schönen Tag noch.It is not raining.