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Critics argue that this sorting process isnot based solely on merit and that ultimatley it serves to reproduce social inequalities.The 1966 Coleman Report showed thattwo primary factors- family background and peers- explained differences in achievement among schools, rather than differences in school resources as had been expected. ( family background and peers that made different in academic achievement)Since the 1980s it has been shown that smaller class sizes have a_______positiveprivate school students perform better academically than their peers at public schools in part due toacademic and behavioral differences. ( in particular Catholic schools have highest ratings . private schools tend to do more HW, and academic programs. better attendance, fewer fights. over all enviroment of school . )Social Capitalany relationship that can facilitate the actions of others ( all in aggreance of what needs to happen to function other view - families who value educations most, are going to chose to send kid to private school .Tracking isdividing students into different classes according to ability or future plans.In practice, tracking has a number of ________ effects and may be more beneficial for those who are already privileged.negativeThe Pygmalion Effect, or self-fulfilling prophecy,the process that occurs when behavior is modified to meet preexisting expectations.In _______, 3% of men and women over age 25 had a college degree. In _____, 28% of men and women over age 25 had a college degree.1910,2004Functionalist Perspective of Edu-Rise of education is filling a function.Conflict Perspective of Edu-Expansion of the school system in the 20th century.CredentialsOveremphasis on credentials, such as college degrees, for signaling social status or job qualifications.As more and more people meet the qualifications for certain types of jobs, --employers upgrade the requirements in order to weed out more people.Social Class, or socioeconomic Status (SES) is composed ofany combo of parental education attainment, parental, occupational status, family income, and family wealth.