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Chapter 13 Domestic Policy


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In 2007 and 2008, the government faced a housing crisis caused by
When did the American welfare state begin?
the 1930s
Which of the following was important in caring for the poor during the nineteenth century?
churches and religious organizations
Which of the following is an in-kind benefit?
How did the Great Depression change American attitudes about welfare?
It revealed that poverty could be caused by a flawed economic system, not just by personal irresponsibility.
The central thrust of federal housing policy has been to
promote home ownership.
Which program was designed to help augment the benefits to the aged, blind, and disabled?
Supplemental Security Income
________ are programs where the government provides a tax deduction for spending on health insurance and other benefits by both employers and employees.
Tax expenditures
Which of the following statements is true?
All of the above
Medicare was established in ________
The U.S. Public Health Service was founded in ________.
A(n) ________ benefit is one where potential recipients must document their genuine need.
means tested
Which of the following statements about noncontributory programs, such as Temporary Assistance to Needy Families and Medicaid, is most accurate?
The federal government provides ONLY SOME of the funding for these programs, and, as a result, citizens receive very different levels of benefits in different states.
________ were the centerpiece of George W. Bush's economic policy.
tax cuts
The goals of American social policy are
often controversial
The main change in welfare policies since 1996 is ________
increased use of noncash assistance
Between 1959 and 2012, the percentage of elderly Americans living in poverty went from about ________ percent to ________ percent.
35; 10
Charter schools are best described as
public schools that are free to design special curricula
What event marked the major historical turning point in the relationship between the government and the marketplace?
the Great Depression
The power to raise or lower the tax rate is part of ________.
fiscal policy
The "feminization of poverty" is
both a and b
President ________ vowed "to end welfare as we know it."
Bill Clinton
Which statement is the key argument of John Maynard Keynes?
Government can pull an economy out of a recession by stimulating demand and creating a cycle of increased production and jobs
What was the primary problem with private charities before the development of the welfare state?
They would make subjective decisions on who was deserving of aid
A cost-of-living adjustment is based on the
rate of inflation
Social Security is a good example of ________
a contributory program
Which of the following statements is true?
both b and c
How did deregulation of the mortgage industry in 1999 help produce the housing crisis of 2007 and 2008?
It allowed many new mortgage companies to form, offering "predatory" loans that people could not afford to repay
Part of the reason welfare programs became so unpopular was that
many Americans came to believe that welfare recipients did not want to work
Which of the following statements is INCORRECT?
Men are more likely to be poor than women
Which of the following groups are more than twice as likely as other Americans to be below the poverty line?
single mothers
Since the welfare reforms of 1996, what is the primary reason for receiving federal cash assistance if one is nonworking and able-bodied?
The recipient is caring for children
An officially expressed purpose or goal backed by a sanction is a ________.
public policy
What important noncontributory program was abolished by Congress in 1996?
Aid to Families with Dependent Children
When did Keynesian economic ideas lead to a revolution in thinking about the role of the government in the economy?
the 1930s
Which of the following statements about the No Child Left Behind Act is FALSE?
It creates a standard national test for all students
Public policy can be embodied in all of the following forms EXCEPT a(n) ________.
a petition
The periodic adjustment of benefits or wages that takes into account the increased cost of living is called ________
What is a key power of the Fed?
both b and c
AARP has a membership of approximately ________ members.
40 million
What is the shadow welfare state?
social benefits that are distributed by private employers who are being subsidized by the government
Which of the following groups receives the least benefits from government's social policies?
The G.I. Bill of Rights of 1944 and the National Defense Education Act of 1958 were examples of the
federal government's approach to education policy during the 1940s and 1950s.
Which of the following statements about noncontributory programs is FALSE?
The existence of these programs dates back to the Civil War.
The goals of social policy
reflect changing views about which risks should be borne by the individual or shared by society
Why is it difficult to lobby for the interests of poor children?
children cannot vote
The welfare reforms of 1996 did all of the following EXCEPT
take the federal government out of welfare policy, granting all authority to the states
The Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program is administered
by the states, with benefit levels varying between states.
During the New Deal, ________ theory that a government could boost employment by stimulating demand became quite influential.
John Maynard Keynes's
The main change in welfare policies since 1996 is ________.
increased use of noncash assistance
Which of the following programs most benefits the working poor?
earned income tax credits
About ________ percent of America's children live in poverty.
________ are government grants of cash or other valuable commodities, such as land, that are used to promote activities desired by government leaders.
There are considerable disparities in benefits from state to state in noncontributory programs because
state governments are given grants-in-aid from the federal government to establish and operate their own programs rather than having one uniform national program
A way to reduce the disparities in wealth between the rich and poor is called a(n) ________.
policy of redistribution
Social Security was established in
Medicare is a ________ program; Medicaid is a ________ program
contributory; noncontributory