DM1 104.01 Digital Animation Concepts

20 terms by vrose

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movement of graphics or text

animation examples

advertising, information, education, games, websites


series of continuous frames, where each frame shows the graphic moved slightly (flip book)


movement is defined by formulas to create paths


animation has a flat look


animation has a realistic look


file format often used on the Internet


dominant format for displaying animated vector graphics on the Internet


developed by Apple for Quicktime video players


developed by Microsoft for Windows media players

importing resources

bringing files or images into the sofware to animate


use of mouse or graphic table to sketch or draw images to animate


technique used to separate images from other images


intermediate frames that blend so one appears to change into the next.


animation process or change that occurs between keyframes

anchor point

axis or point of rotation.


change from one scene to the next


animation of two or more images that switch when the cursor moves over that image


transformation of one thing into another

virtual reality

animation technology that allows a user to immerse and interact with an artifical, realistic environment

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