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Ancient Egypt: 6th Grade Social Studies


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Very fertile, flat land made of silt dropped by a river as it drains into a larger body of water
Is the joining of separate parts into one
1. Refers to the "the great palace" in which the rulers of Egypt lived
2. Later it became the name given to all the rulers of Egypt
Old Kingdom
The time period when Egypt's early pharaohs worked to build unity in Egypt
The process of preserving the body of the dead which was wrapped in linen
1. The Egyptians had developed a writing system even before Egypt was unified
2. Picture signs; the Egyptian writing system
A huge stone structure built to protect the dead pharaoh and his belongings
Is a reed plant that grows along the nile and used to make the first paper
Is the way a country manages its resources to produce goods and services
1. King of Upper Egypt
2. Unified Upper and Lower Egypt
3. Swept into the Nile River delta
1. Ancient Egyptian pharaoh, who ruled in the first half of the Old Kingdom period
2. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza
Jean Champollion
French scholar and in 1822 he deciphered the Egyptian hieroglyphs so they could be read
The Nile River
1. It is 4,000 miles long
2. Located in North Africa
3. Empties into the Mediterranean Sea
4. Flood season is May to September
5. It flows to the North
Why was the Nile River important to Ancient Egypt?
1. It provided water for irrigation
2. It provided fertile soil for farming due to the delta
3. It was used for transportation of goods and people
What was the landscape of the Nile Region?
1. In the north it had fertile soil from the delta
2. In the south mountains and dessert
The Nile River is the ...
Center of Ancient Egyptian civilization
What is the world's largest river?
The Nile River
How does the Nile River flow?
The Nile River flows North
When does the Nile River flood?
It floods every year May to September
The Old Kingdom
A time when early pharaohs worked to build unity in Egypt
What did King Menes do for Egypt?
1. He united upper and lower Egypt
2. He became the first pharaoh
3. Made Memphis the capital
What did the religion of Ancient Egypt believe?
1. The believed in an after life
2. They thought they should treat their rulers well after they died
3. Preserved the bodies (mummification) of the dead pharaohs
Why were the pyramids built?
1. They were built as burial places for their pharaohs
2. The Great Pyramids at Giza built for Khufu
What was Egyptian writing called?
How many symbols did hieroglyphics have?
Over 800 symbols
What did scribes write on in order to keep records of taxes and the pharaohs goods?
Jean Champollion used _____________ to figure out the meaning of hieroglyphics.
Rossetta Stone
What was the Ancient Egyptian economy based on?
The surplus of crops
The ________ took part of everything made in Egypt.
Their ______ included days of work on government projects.
What is an expedition?
A journey undertaken for a specific purpose
What was the Middle Kingdom known for?
1. This kingdom in Egypt was known for increasing contact with other parts of the world
2. A time of change and prosperity
During the Middle Kingdom, the pharaohs conquered the wealthy Kingdom of ________.
Where did the Middle Kingdom send expeditions?
Greece and the Fertile Crescent
What was the result of the Middle Kingdom's expeditions?
1. Increased trade
2. People from Asia began to settle in Egypt
The New Kingdom was a time when Egypt expanded into ____________.
A great empire
Who was Hatshepsut?
One of Egypt's few female pharaohs
What kingdom was a period of power and wealth for Ancient Egypt?
The New Kingdom
Who was Amenhotep I?
1. The empire reached its glory with him
2. Known for building temples at Karnak and Nubia
Who was Ramses II?
He was the last strong pharaoh and ruled for 67 years?
Name the four major achievements of Ancient Egypt?
1. Building the pyramids
2. Building the temples at Karnak and Nubia
3. Hieroglyphics
4. Increased knowledge in math, science, and medicine
The Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt
1. The Old Kingdom
2. The Middle Kingdom
3. The New Kingdom