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Word Lesson 4 Quiz Study Guide

Show/Hide feature
The name of the Microsoft Word 2010 feature that offers an optional display showing symbols indicating a tab, space or use of the Enter key.
Choose the View ribbon and select the Print Layout option
The proper method for viewing a document in Print Layout.
Paragraph spacing
The amount of space before and after each paragraph in a document.
The Home ribbon in the Paragraph group
Where the commands that adjust paragraph and line spacing in a document are located.
Page Setup
The command on the Page Layout ribbon that enables the user to control the way the document prints on the page.
The way in which a paragraph lines up horizontally between the paper edges of a document.
Refers to moving the information to the right from the current location (also sometimes called demote).
Tab stop
Where the cursor moves to on the horizontal ruler when the tab key is pressed.
Dot leader
The row of dots between tabbed text.
The very top of the page in a document.
The very bottom of the page in a document.
Web Layout
The command on the View Ribbon that enables the document to be viewed as it would appear on a webpage.
Formatting marks
Characters, sometimes called nonprinting characters, that Word 2010 display on the screen but not in a printed document.
A small black dot
A nonprinting character that represents a single space in a document.
A black arrow pointing right
The nonprinting characters that represents a tab stop in a document.
Paragraph formatting
The process of changing the appearance of a paragraph of text.
Line spacing
The amount of vertical space between the lines of text in a paragraph.
Paragraph spacing
The amount of space that appears between paragraphs.
The printable text and graphics at the top of each page called.
The ribbon that contains the command to create headers in a document.
Header & Footer
The group that contains the command to place text at the bottom edge of each printed page of a document.
The text and graphics that print at the bottom of every page in a Word 2010 document .
Double-click the dimmed document text
A quick way to close the Header or Footer view in a Word 2010 document.
Top of page or bottom of page
Valid placement options for page numbers in a document.
Refers to how the left and right edges of a paragraph align on a page.
Justify align
Alignment option that aligns both the left and right margin.
Hanging indent
The type of paragraph formatting that forces the first line into a position to the left of the rest of the paragraph.
Page Layout
The ribbon that contains the command to change the preset margin settings in a Word 2010 document.
The group on the Home Ribbon that contains commands to control the placement of text in a document.
Tab stop
The term that refers to a location on the horizontal ruler that directs Word 2010 to position the insertion point when the Tab key is pressed.
0.5 inch
The default increment for tab stops in Word 2010.
The default leader selection for tab stops in Word 2010.
Page Layout Ribbon/Page Setup group
The location of the command for modifying a document's margin settings located.
Normal/moderate/and mirrored
Preset margin settings in Word 2010.