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Most Drawings are relatively_____ compared with paintings, and many are executed____

Animal Skins/Silk

Was widely used throughout the Roman Empire and continued as the surface of choice in medieval Europe, whereas the Chinese drew on______

It is not very forgiving of mistakes or indecision

Unlike Pencil, few artists now use metal point because it is

Chalks-Nonfat Binders/ Crayons-Fatty or Greasy Binders

Differentiate the binders of chalk versus crayon

Conte Crayon/Red/Brown/Black

The commonest drawing material is______, which is available in shades_____,______ and_____


The most well- known chalk medium is______, which is often considered a borderline medium somewhere between panting and drawing

Calligraphic lines

A thin line t the beginning broadening a long its length and then tapering again

Ink Dijuted with water applied with a brush to give greater solidity

What is a wash, and how is a wash used

Within western tradition

what has often relegated drawings to a sort of second-class status as finished artworks

Application of pigment surface

Painting is generally defined as

The pigment in powdered form is mixed with a blending agent or vehicle, and a solvent, or medium, to form paint- the liquid material that imparts color to a surface

What are the 3 components combined to form paint, and what is the function on each


Is the art of painting on plaster

Plaster Wall

in buon fresco, what acts as the binder


which method did ancient artists use to tint their sculptures


In which method is egg yolk used as a vehicle


is a combination of powdered chalk or plaster, and animal glue


Is the application of thinly hammered sheets of gold to a surface

Oil Paint

What are the vehicle and medium


In____, transport films of paint applied to white absorbent surface

Indirect Process/ Identical Images

The two important respects in which prints differ from most other works of art


The declared limit to the number of impressions that will be made


Any printing method in which the image to be printed is raised from a background


Material most commonly associated with the method described


lining up block perfectly with no gaps pr overlapping of color

Reizo Monjyi/ Emil Noldes/ Hu Yichuun

Three specialists involved in the production of Japanese woodcuts


The burin is a basic tool of

Printing Press

Ludwig von Seigon invented ______in the 17th Century


Is done with acids

Plano Graphic

Which printing method does not print lines and therefor is nearly always combined with one or more of the intaglio techniques

Silk Screen or Serigraphy

Silk Writing


The exception to the rule that prints are an art of multiples

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