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Who are the upper-class individuals that took control of parts of Mexico?
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True or false: Prince Henry wanted to explore to find allies against his fatherFalse: He wanted to find Christian allies against the MuslimsPortugal acquired _____________ opportunities when traveling across tradeWhat type of trade did the Portuguese facilitate when they brought African people to Europe?Slave tradeTrue or false: The Portuguese were motivated to travel because of the abundant source of gold in Africa.TrueWhat did the Portuguese plan to do in Africa to implement their trade and empire?Leased land from local rulers and built stone forts along the coastWhat did Vasco da Gama do that was supposed to end the Muslim monopoly on the spice trade?Discovered a route along the coast of East Africa to reach the sea port, Calicut.True or False: Vasco da Gama's voyage catapulted Portugal into the control of the spice trade because Calicut, the source of the spices, was discovered.False: Vasco de Gama's voyage did help the Portuguese discover part of the spice trade, but Calicut was NOT the original source of the spices.True or False: The Portuguese opened treaty relations with the Mwene Metapa, which helped them expand their power in Africa.TrueFrancisco de Almeida seized a number of East African __________, including Kilwa, Sofala, and Mombassa.port citiesWho were the first Europeans to settle in Africa?the DutchWhen the Portuguese began getting greedy and misusing their power what was the result on the natives?Conflict between the Portuguese and the local African leadersWhere was the main market for African Slaves?the Middle EastHow many slaves were transported to the Americas between the 16th and 19th centuries?10 millionWhen was the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie established?1602What did the Vereenigde Oost-Indische compagnie establish?Pepper plantationsTrue or False: The two main religions in Southeast Asia were Buddhism and IslamTrueSoutheast Asia exported tine, ________, gold, __________, cloth, and gems.copper, tropical fruitsTrue or False: Muslim influenced the inland cities in southeast AsiaFalse: coastal citiesThe most Muslim converts in Southeast Asia were located on the Malay peninsula, and along the northern coast of Java and Sumatra. Why were they so easily influenced?They were trade ports and constantly introduced to Muslims.How did Southeast Asia's economy change with the introduction of the Europeans?Went from agriculture to commercialized agriculture (mass producing crops to sell)True or False: Europeans had an immediate and direct impact on some parts of Southeast Asia.TrueTrue or False: Coffee bean plantations were established for slaves to work on.False: Sugar plantations