59 terms

Arkansas Computer Applications I, II, III

Access keys
shortcut keys; keys used in combination to create actions or functions in a software package (nonbreaking spaces, em dash)
Application software
any program that processes data for the user (inventory, payroll, spreadsheet, word processor, etc.)
processing of quitting the open window or application
insertion point in a document in the form of a blinking vertical line on the screen
the current setting or action taken by hardware or software if the user has not specified otherwise
location to save a document and organize many files
machinery and equipment (CPU, keyboard, monitor, printer)
Input device
hardware used to enter various types of data into a computer, such as a mouse, microphone, pen tablet, etc.
Log in
the process of gaining entry into a computer or network
make window larger
make window smaller; shrink to an icon on the taskbar
hardware used to move cursor around a document or select menus
Output device
hardware that lets the user view or hear processed data
keyword used to access information on a network, Web site, etc.
to refresh or bring back to original position or size
the process of naming and storing a file for use at a later time
Save As
the process of renaming a file that already exists
Shortcut keys
keyboard combinations used to perform certain tasks, such as printing, saving, copying, bolding, etc.
the process of closing all application and the operating system
instructions for the computer; a series of instructions that perform a particular task
Operating System
the software that runs on a computer that is responsible for file management, disks, peripherals, and the general operation of the computer system (such as Windows, Mac OS)
a system that transmits any combination of voice, video, or data between users; includes the network operating system in the client and server machines, the cables connecting them, and all supporting hardware in between - such as bridges, routers and switches, antennas and towers
a computer that is not permanently connected to a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN)
the process of turning on the computer and logging into the operating system
System software
software made up of control programs, such as the operating system and database management system (DBMS)
Text file
a file that holds text without any formatting and can be opened in numerous applications
an onscreen toolbar that displays the active applications (tasks); clicking on the taskbar button restores the application to its previous appearance
deleting text to the left of the insertion point
Business letter
formal means of communication outside a business
Default setting
the current setting or action taken by hardware or software if the user has not specified otherwise
removing text to the right of the insertion point
File management
the process of organizing files and folders; naming appropriately, using folders, etc.
storage directory for files or other folders on a computer
a type of design applied to an entire set of characters, such as Arial, Times New Roman, etc.
Font size
the height of characters in points
Font style
emphasis added to text such as underline, bold, italics, etc.
Grammar check
a feature that checks sentence structure and punctuation in a document
a word processing feature that automatically finishes certain text items or phrases after the user begins typing, such as dates, names,greetings, etc.
Insert key
used to switch from regular editing to typeover/overtype mode
correspondence within a company or organization
Non-printing characters
hidden formatting marks that do not print and are helpful in locating formatting errors
Print preview
menu option that allows user to look at a document before printing to ensure proper formatting
editing a printed or electronic document for errors
Spell check
a feature used to locate and correct spelling errors
Word wrap
text automatically moves from one line to the next line
a one-page or multi-page document used to summarize research or findings
tool used to look up synonyms for a selected word to add variety and interest in a document, such as a report
Decimal tab
a tab that aligns to a certain position anchored by a decimal such as currency or numbers
Default tabs
preset tabs established by the software
First-line indent
a paragraph format in which the first line is indented from the left margin and subsequent lines remain at the left margin
Hanging indent
a paragraph format in which the first line is moved to the left margin and subsequent lines are indented from the left
Horizontal centering
having equal white space on the left and right of a document
breaking words that extend beyond the right margin
a line of dots or dashes used to draw the eye across a printed page, such as a table of contents
Line spacing
the amount of space between lines of text
Paragraph alignment
position of text in a document
Paragraph spacing
the amount of space before or after a paragraph
a symbol used to precede text, usually in an outline or a list
Vertical centering
text with equal white space in the top and bottom margins