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According to the ______________, people explain behavior by crediting either the situation or the person's disposition.

attribution theory

It is an election year, and a volunteer asks if you would put a small sign in your yard. You agree. The next week, your wife can't believe you agreed to put the 3-foot sign on the front lawn. This technique is known as:

the foot-in-the-door phenomenon.

The fundamental attribution error is more apparent in ___________ than it is in ___________.

individualistic Western countries; East Asian cultures

Alexandra is well liked by her friends. When you watch her, you can see that she mimics her friends' gestures and seems to match their moods. Chartrand would suggest that this automatic mimicry is a component of:


When we perform better on simple or well-learned tasks in the presence of others, this is called:

social facilitation

In Asch conformity experiments, researchers find that conformity to the group increases when

All of these things will increase conformity to the group.

This theory proposes that prejudice offers an outlet for anger by providing someone to blame.

scapegoat theory

Although Natalie receives slightly greater rewards from her marriage than her husband, both are satisfied with the relationship because they each benefit in proportion to what they put into it. This best illustrates the significance of


The excitement that lingers after a frightening event can often facilitate passionate love. This is best explained by

the two-factor theory

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