Chapter 7 Medicine and law

24 terms by rachellekayberry

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Local government create and enact.


A subpoena duces tecum should be filed no latter that ______ days before a trial.


Negligence must be ___________.


The pretrial disclosure of pertinent facts or documents by one or both parties in a legal action.


A set of laws designed to standarized electronic data exchange and protect health information.


A physician who fails to obtain consent before treating a patient could be charged with ________.

Guardian Ad Litem

A person who represents a minor in legal situations is called a __________.


The agency that oversees and enforces the controlled substance act.


Set of regulations contaning the General Duty Clause.


Persumed consent is also called ________ consent.


Licensure for physician cannot be obtaned through __________.

Lower Administrative Cost

HIPPA benifits includes __________.


Consent, usually written, that states understanding of what treatment is to be undertaken and the risks involved with such treatment, is called ___________ consent.


If no injury is present and a judge decides the case the proceeding is called a ________ trial.


The person giving a deposition is called a _______.


Person who keeps order in the courtroom is the _______.


The drugs in schedual _____ are considered to have the highest abuse potential.


When a physician withdraws medical care from a patient a _______ letter must be sent to notify the patient.


A physician must use reasonable care, attention, and ________ when treating patients.


An emancipated minor is _____ the age of 18.

Decide to join the armed forces

A minor is not conciterd emancipated by courts if they _______.

A legal Contract

Does not have to be in writing to be valid.

Honorable John


Ruth Bader


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