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CH. 4

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
In most cases, BOOTP has been surpassed by the more sophisticated IP addressing utility, ___.
Protocols that can span more than one LAN (or LAN segment) are ___, because they carry Network layer addressing infomation that can be interpreted by a router.
In IPv4 addressing, a node with an IP address of belongs to a Class __ network.
___ is a utility that can verify that TCP/IP is installed, bound to the NIC, configured correctly, and communicating with the network.
A IDP header contains ___ fields.
A(n) ___ number is the address on a host where an application makes itself available to incoming or outgoing data.
The default subnet mask for a Class B network is ___.
___ is more efficient than TCP for carrying messages that fit within one data packet.
The subprotocol that enables TCP/IP to internetwork - that is, to traverse more than one LAN segment and more than one type of network through a router is ___.
In the domain name www.google.com, ___ is the top-level domain (TLD).
___ is a terminal emulation protocol used to log on to remote hoss using the TCP/IP protocol suite.
Format Prefix
In IPv6, each address contains a(n) __, or a variable-length field at the beginning of the address that indicates what type of address it is.
__ ARP table entries are created when a client makes an ARP request that cannot be satisfied by data already in the ARP table.
TCP is a(n) __ subprotocol.
In IPv4 addressing, an IP address whose first octet is in the range of 192-223 belongs to a Class __ network.
subnet mask
A(n) __ is a special 32-bit number that, when combined with a device's IP address, informs the rest of the network about the segment to which the device is attached.
A(n) __ address represents any one interface from a group of interfaces, any one of which can accept a transmission
__ operates at the Network layer and manages multicasting.
IP datagram
In the context of TCP/IP, a packet is also known as a(n) __.
In the TCP/IP, a packet is also known as a(n) __.
In dotted decimal notation, a(n) __separates each decimal.
IP address
Whether connecting to the Internet or to another computer within a LAN, every node on a network must have a unique __.
If the standard port number for the Telnet service is 23, a host whose IPv4 address is has a socket address for Telnet of __.
__ is a simple Application layer protocol used to synchronize the clocks of computers on a network.
__ is a process of subdividing a single class of networks into multiple, smaller logical networks, or segments.
The command used to view IP information on a Windows XP or Windoes Vista workstation is ifconfig.
If a device does not know its own IP address, it can still use ARP.
ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) reports on the success or failure of data delivery.
If your network does not need or use APIPA, it must be uninstalled to avoid conflicts.
All protocols are routable.