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TX. History Ch. 6-7


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Which Spaniard founded many settlements in the area from northern Mexico to the San Antonio River?
Jose de Escandon
Which group was targeted by Catholic priest to occupy missions and leave behind much of their daily routines behind?
Native Americans
Who protected the missions while living in presidios often with little pay and in dept?
What was the name of the unofficial Spanish capital of Texas that was established to provide closer supervision of its settlements?
Los Adaes
What was the French primary focus when dealing with Native Americans.
Increase trade
Who was the first Frenchman sent into Texas to work with Spain in efforts to establish missions.
St. Denis
What were some of the reasons Native Americans rejected the Catholic religion and left missions
-Illnesses from diseases
-Unable to do their normal life routines
Which country built more missions in East Texas to protect it's lands from the French?
What was the name of the unofficial Spanish capital of Texas for nearly fifty years starting in 1722?
Los Adaes
What was the settlement that was midway between the Rio Grande and East Texas missions?
Presidio San Antonio de Bexar
What was the name of the first Spanish mission in East TX, established in 1690?
San Francisco de los Tejas
What is the past name of the mission chapel know today as the Alamo?
Mission San Antonio de Valero
What was the name of the mission known as "Gateway to Spanish Texas."
San Juan Bautista
After his inspection he concluded that Spain should abbandon east Texas missions.
Marques de Rubi
After this treaty was signed, the United States surrendered all claims to Texas
Adams-Onis Treaty
Settlers used this famous Native American trading path to travel on and trade on for their own?
El Camino Real
After this purchase, some Americans migrated across he Mississippi River toward Spanish Texas?
Louisiana Purchase
What Native American tribes slowed the Spanish efforts to colonize many parts of Texas?
Apache and Comanche
What was the capital and largest town in Texas at the end of Spanish rule?
San Antonio
Which French pirate refused to help filibuster Long fight against the Spanish troops because he felt the army was too small to defeat a well trained larger army?
Jean Lafitte
What is the term used for someone fighting another country without government permission?
Who was warned by the Spanish because they thought he was a spy for the United States?
Philip Nolan
Settlers from this area developed an independent way of life because of their isolation from Spain?
As a result of this war, Great Britain gained control of almost all France's North American empire
Seven Year's War
Which country claimed in the early 1800's the Eastern boundary of Texas and the US was the Arroyo Hondo (part of the Red River).
A long, light rope
A Spanish fort
Cruel use of power
Government with elected representatives
An agreement among countries to work together
Absolutely necessary
A Spanish cowboy
Payment to a conquering power
Person of mixed Spanish and Native heritage
What Frenchman teamed with the Spanish and help them set up missions
St. Denis
Military commander named "the father of the lower Rio Grande Valley."
Jose de Escandon
A church official who built the first mission in East Texas, San Francisco de los Tejas
Father Damian Massanet
Missionary who asked the French to help build a mission among the Tejas
Father Francisco Hidalgo
Governor who increased Spain's presence in Texas by building missions
Masques de San Miguel de Aguayo
Who started the Mexican War of Independence by calling for an uprising against the Spanish
Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla
Who was the Spanish General that overwhelmed the Republican Army at the Battle of Medina
Joaquin de Arrendondo
French pirate who was named commissioner of Galveston
Louis Michel Aury
Moved to Galveston island, claimed to support Mexican Independence. Asked by the filibuster Long to help defeat the Spanish
Jean Lafitte