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roanoke island, jamestown & plymouth colony

Where was Roanoke island located
off the coast of North Carolina
Who was John White
he was the leader of the lost colony of Roanoke island
Who was Virginia Dare
the first american-born child of english parents in the colonies
who did Raleigh send to Roanoke Island
91 men, 17 women, and 2 children
what year did Raleigh send the expedition of people to Roanoke Island
What was "The Lost Colony"?
When John White returned to Roanoke Island after a journey back to England, he found that there was no trace of the colonists. Now this mysterious settlement on Roanoke Island is known as the "Lost Colony".
What was the incentive of the Jamestown settlers?
to find gold and get rich
how did a joint stock company work
a joint stock company sold shares to investors. If you invest in the Jamestown stock companies and they succeed, they share the profits. If they failed, the investor lost only as much money as they had put in.
what were the names of the two joint-stock companies?
the Virginia Company of Plymouth and the Virginia Company of London
What was a charter
a document that let the people settle and trade in a certain area in the Americas.
What year did the three ships reach Virginia?
What were the names of the three ships that brought the Jamestown settlers to the New World?
the Discovery, Godspeed, and Susan Constant
What were two positives of the land of Jamestown
it was a good spot to keep a lookout for Spanish ships and it was a good spot to trade with nearby Native Americans
What were two negatives of the land of Jamestown?
it was swampy land filled with mosquitoes that carried disease(malaria) and lacked drinking water
What was the problem with the people of Jamestown?
they were gentlemen from wealthy English families. They knew nothing about living in a wilderness. They had never worked and had no practical skills. All they wanted was gold and didn't want to do a day's work.
Who was John Smith
He was the first leader of Jamestown
What was the famous quote said by John Smith?
he that shall not work shall not eat
Who was Pocahontas?
she was the daughter of the chief Powhatan and married colonists John Rolfe. She begged for John Smith's life when her dad was going to kill him. On her way back to Massachusetts from England she got smallpox and died. However we think she died of a broken heart.
What was the "Starving Time" in Jamestown
it was the hardship the Jamestown settlers faced from 1609-1610. During this time the winter food supply ran low and people were starving to death. Only 60 settlers survived.
Who was John Rolfe?
the colonist that married Pocahontas and began planting tobacco in 1612.
What did tobacco have to do with jamestown?
it was the first cash crop in Jamestown and it made Jamestown's economy flourish
What was King James's reaction to tobacco?
he thought it was a disgusting habit, smelled bad, ruined your brain, dangerous to the lungs, and an overall disgusting thing. He also liked making money off of it.
What were plantations?
they were large farms that were set up along the coastal rivers to grow tobacco on.
Where are plantations located?
in the south
Why are there no plantations in New England?
it's too cold and there's not the best soil. too many rocks
What are indentured servants?
people who agreed to work a certain number of years in exchange for freedom in America.
how many years did an indentured servant usually work?
3 to 7 years
When were the first Africans brought to Jamestown and how many
1619, 20
Why were the Africans brought to Jamestown?
So they could be used as slaves
What arrived in Jamestown in 1620 and why?
100 women to start families
What happened in 1622?
The Native Americans made surprise attacks on colonists
How many people did the surprise attackers kill?
350 people including John Rolfe
After many battles involving the Native Americans and the colonists, who gained control?
the English
What was the house of burgesses?
the first government in Jamestown that made the laws to govern the colony
What was a royal colony
a colony under the control of the king
What were puritans
critics of the Anglican Church who stayed within the church and tried to change it from within
Why did King James make Virginia a royal colony?
he wanted control
what were separatists
puritans who separated from the church and worshiped by themselves
Where did the Separatists go and when?
Leyden, Netherlands in 1608
why did the separatists leave the Netherlands
there was bad influences on the children
What are pilgrims?
travelers who move for religious freedom
Who was John Carver?
a wealthy buisnessman who provided finances for the pilgrims and found them the mayflower
What was the name of the ship that brought the pilgrims from the Netherlands to America
the Mayflower
What was the date that the pilgrims arrived in Cape Cod MA
November 9,1620
What was the "Starving Time" in Plymouth?
a deathly time in the bleak, cold winter where people were starving to death. by spring almost half of them had died
Why did the starving time happen for the pilgrims
because the pilgrims arrived in MA at the worst possible time and it was a very bad time to plant crops so they had no food
Who was Squanto?
The Wampanoag who taught the pilgrims how to survive in the wilderness
Why did Squanto know how to speak english?
because he was sold as a slave to england, then he escaped and went to MA
What was Thanksgiving?
the celebration of the abundant harvest the pilgrims had . During this first Thanksgiving they said thanks to the abundant harvest and shared their bounty with the Native Americans.
how did the Plymouth colony grow from the year 1630 to 1660
very slow. 300 to only 3,000
Who made Thanksgiving a federal holiday?
Abraham Licoln