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multiple choice ?'ss

The Triple Alliance prior to WWI was an alliance b/t

germany, italy and austria

Before WWI ____ experienced the greatest degree of political instability caused by the internal struggle of many nationalities

austro-hungarian empire

b/t 1817-1914, the two european countries that seemed LEAST likely to ally were_____

france and germany

in first decade of 20thC many contemporary observers predicted that a major war would begin in the balkans since ____

the area was the scene of intense national feelings coupled with the break up of crumbling empires

Fay's article "causes of wwi" the nation most responsible for the outbreak of WWI was ___


Fey's article "causes of wwi", Serbia's responsibility for the outbreak of the war was mainly due to ___

its failure to act when it became aware of a plot to assassinate the archduke

Fey's article "causes of wwi", GB's responsibility for the out break of the war was ___

its failure to be clear about its intentions

Fey's article "causes of wwi" Germany's responsibility for the out break of the war was ___

giving A-H "blank check", its invasion of belgium, its declaration of war on Russia

by 1914 GB colonization ____

touched north, south, east and west africa

the Open Door Policy ___

allowed all nations to trade in china on equal terms

the triple alliance forged by Bismarck consisted of ___

germany, austria, and italy

Germany's response to A-H after the assassination of the archduke is often called ___

blank check

at end of WW! these new states came into existence ___

Czech, Yugoslavia, Estonia, Finland

The Balfour Declaration, issued WWI stated ___

GB viewed with favor the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine

the immediate spark of WWI was ___

assassination of archduke francis ferdinand

Italy entered WWI on Allies side b/c ___

the Allies promised italy territory controlled by Austria, including Trieste and Tyrol (italia irrendenta)

in general, during wwi, the belligerents utilized their country's economic resources by ___

regimentation of the economy by govt planning boards

what was a critical factor in the success of the March Revolution of 1917?

the refusal of the russian army to fire on strikers and demonstrators

Initially the soviets ___

allowed the provisional govt to function w/o supporting it

shortly after seizing power, the Bolsheviks did ___

nationalized all land, put workers in charge of their factories, seized the banks and church property

what was the most impt reason for the Bolshevik seizure of power in November 1917?

dedicated leadership able to exploit conditions

The provisional govt adopted ____ after the march revolution

they granted civil rights and civil liberties despite the war effort

What counties gained independence from RUSSIA in the wake of the Russian Revolution?

poland, estonia, lithuania, Latvia

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