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(1) assertion- often an assertion unsupported and by implication regarded as unsupportable (2) in law, an assertion which its maker proposes to support with evidence


reprieve; temporary delay; interval of rest; a pause from exertion; suspension; relief


say; announce; to pronounce; articulate


discontinuance; pause; a bringing or a coming to an end


contemptuously distrustful of human nature and motives -- having a sneering belief that human conduct is governed wholly by self-interest


commanding; arrogantly domineering or overbearing; pressing; urgent


accomplish; carry out; conclude; achieve; fulfill; to bring to completion


[crassus: thick, fat, gross] grossly stupid, insensitive, unrefined


allot; distribute according to a plan; to set apart for a special purpose; designate


[from Nicolas Chauvin, a French soldier of the first Republic and Empire, whose attachment to Napolean came to be ridiculed by his comrades] vainglorious or exaagerrated patrioitism; prejudiced belief in the superiority of one's own group


something that hinders, engulfs, or overwhelms; an area of low-lying soggy ground; disordered situation or circumstance; mess, confusion


aim; direction; general drift of thought; purpose; continuous, unwavering course


revoke; go back on; to fail to carry out a promise or commitment; to renounce; disown;


balk; handicap; hindrance; impediment


sign of a future event; something amazing or marvelous; prodigy; omen

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