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The Southern Colonies

What is the Virginia town that became the capitol of the colony after Jamestown.


Colonial Paper art


What colony did Sir Calvert Lord of Baltimore start?


What are large farms in the southern colonies called?


What were the people who agreed to exchange work for passage to the colonies called?

Indentured slaves

Southern colonists grew rice, tobacco, silk, cotton & _______?


What was the name of a barrel maker?


What is the name of the second oldest American college?

College of William and Mary

What were the French Protestant settlers in Southern Carolina Colony called?


What was Williamsburg original name?

Middle Plantation

Name two games played by Colonial children.

Blind Man's Bluff and Marbles

Why did plantation owners think they needed to have slaves?

Because, they didn't have enough indentured servants and slaves to work the crops.

What does does indentured servant mean?

People who agree to work in the tobacco fields in exchange for passage to Virginia.

Why did John Edward Oglethorpe start the Georgia colony?

A colony for poor people from England.

Who were some of the settlers of the South Carolina Colony? (2)

The French Protestants (Huguenots) and wealthy businessmen from the Caribbean Island of Barbados.

Name five crops grown in the Southern Colonies.

tobacco, rice, indigo, olive oil, silk and turpentine

How did children address their parents during Colonial times?

Your dutiful (son or daughter)

Why did colonists do quillery?

to not waste paper, because, it was rare

How many years was an indentured servant suppose to work for another, before they can own land?

four to seven years

How many Southern Colonies were there?


What were the names of the Southern Colonies? (5)

Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland & Virginia

How many original colonies were there?


Why did most colonists come down to the southern colonies?

To make money in the market economy

What typical crops were grown in the southern colonies? (2)

tobacco and rice

Who did John Edward Oglethorpe name the Georgia Colony after?

King George II

Why was the Georgia Colony established for the people who lived there?

It helped the poor people from England stay out of jail.

Why were most poor people in jail in England?

For debt they couldn't pay back.

The settlers who lived in Georgia were mostly ____ of different _____.

farmers of different religions

Why did farmers have many children?

To help on the farm.

What big law(or rule) did John Edward Oglethorpe create in Georgia?

No slavery

What did farmers grow in Georgia? (4)

rice, tobbaco, indigo and cotton

What is indigo?

A plant that is used to make purple dye.

Why did the colonialist in Georgia have to be cautious of the Native Americans?

They remembered the Spanish Expedition of De Soto in the 1500's and didn't trust European settlers.

Who started the colony of Maryland?

Lord Baltimore

What country was making all the money selling silk at this time?


Which Colony was able to produce the most silk?


What is the practice of raising silk worms called?


When did the art of raising silk worms come to America?

the 1600s

What two things do you need to raise a silk worm?

Moth larvae and mulberry trees

Explain the process of raising silk worms. (5)

1. Raise silk worms and mulberry trees to feed them.
2. Let the silk worms spin cocoons.
3. After, thousands of cocoons are spun they are heated to kill the larvae inside.
4. Then soak the cocoons in water.
5. The cocoons are unwound and the strands are spun together.

Why is making silk difficult?

Weather changes, tree diseases, and workers' mistakes

Besides Native Americans who else were the settlers scared of? (2)

Spaniards and Pirates

What are cash crops?

Crops that can be sold to make money.

What cash crops came from The Carolinas? (6)

tobacco, rice, indigo, turpentine, olive oil and silk

What was South Carolina known for?

Religious tolerance

Name two places settlers from the Carolinas came from.

French Huguenots (France), Carribean Island of Barbados

What are Gullahs?

Relatives of the French Huguenots and the people of Barbados and settled on the Carolina coast.

In North Carolina there were religious_____ who wanted to get away from the religious rules in which Colony?

dissenters and Virginia

What are the English Navigation Acts?

Laws making the colonialists pay heavy taxes.

The colonists were suppose to pay taxes on what?

Anything they shipped within the colonies, in addition, to goods they traded with other countries.

Trying to avoid taxes what did the colonialists do?

Smuggle goods

Which colony was a favorite place for pirates?

North Carolina

Why did Lord Baltimore leave England?

Because, he was Catholic and wanted to escape the religious rules of the Church of England.

The colony of Maryland accepted what people? (2)

Catholics and Protestants

What colonists were not welcomed in Maryland? (2)

Jewish people and people who didn't believe in God.

What was the most important crop in Maryland?


Virginia settlers were members of the church of_____?


Why did the people of Virginia bring slaves north?

Not enough indentured servants, Indians and help on the tobacco fields.

The Virginia House of Burgess passed what type of law?

That slaves were slaves for life.

What is the oldest college in America?


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