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Main Verbs/Helping Verbs--Practice

A helping verb helps to describe the action of a main verb in a sentence. Usually, they give the reader more detail about when the action takes place. A word cannot be an auxiliary verb unless there is another verb to help. Together, the main verb and its auxiliary verb are called a verb phrase. Some auxiliary verbs also act as linking verbs. You can spot the difference between auxiliary and linking verbs, because linking verbs will not be attached to any other verbs in the sentence and link t…
I might go out tonight.
might go
He is driving to the show.
is driving
I am bringing snacks.
am bringing
Would you look for my pen?
would look
Shall we dance?
shall dance
I have eaten there already.
have eaten
She might study tonight instead of going out.
might study
He must practice his chords to get better.
must practice
Did you tell him that?
did tell
Oprah is giving everyone a car.
is giving
Iggy Azalea should never rap again.
should rap
Ms. Harrison is teaching subversive literature again.
is teaching
My cat has puked again.
has puked
She would write beautiful music.
would write
Sadly, Ariana Grande will not stop squeaking.
will stop squeaking
Not surprisingly, Nicholas Cage has starred in another terrible movie.
has starred
Arnold has been pumping iron since the 1970's.
has been pumping
Pharrell must have been feeling happy when he wrote that ubiquitous song.
must have been feeling
Taylor Swift has written yet another break-up song.
has written
I might have gotten tired of making up sentences.
might have gotten