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exemplum, exemplī,n.


liber, liberī, m.


littera, litterae, f.

letter of the alphabet; pl. literature, letter

memoria, memoriae, f.


tenebrae, tenebrārum, f, pl.

shadows, darkness

vīta, vītae, f.



much, many

doceō, docēre, docuī, doctum

to teach

firmō, firmāre, firmāvi, firmātum

to strengthen

iaceō, iacēre, iacuī, ___

to lie down

iūdicō, iūdicāre, iūdacāvī, iūdicātum

to judge

maneō, manēre, mānsī, mānsum

to remain

possum, posse potuī, ___

to be able

servō, servāre, servāvī, servātum

to save

soleō, solēre, solitus sum + infinitive

to be accustomed

sun, esse, fuī, ___

to be



propter + accusative

because of

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