10 terms

Chapter 13 Technology Today and Tomorrow

Automated factory
Factory in which many of the processes are directed and controlled by computers
Automatic factory
Factory in which everything is done automatically by machines; there are no people working
Computer assisted production (CAPP)
Planning using computer to determine the best processes for production flow and manufacturing times
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
using computers to help tie all phases (planning, production and control) of manufacturing together to make a unified whole
Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
A very accurate computer controlled measuring device used to measure "hard to measure" parts like rounded spherical parts
Flexible machining center (FMC)
A computer controlled combination machine tool capable of drilling, turning, milling and other processing
Just-in-time (JIT)
Computerized system of scheduling parts and materials to be delivered just as they are needed for use in production
Laser curtain-manufacturing resource planning (MRP!!)
Involves planning not only for material requirements, but also for people, time and money requirements
Programmable controller
A small self contained computer used to run machines and equipment; workers can reprogram it to change the way it functions
Robotics Statistical Quality Control (SQC)
Sampling systems to determine how well parts are being made