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  1. valves that lead blood out of the heart
  2. cavity within thoracic cavity Between 2nd and 6th rib - size - approx size of your fist
  3. AKA Pacemaker, located posterior wall of right atrium, rhythmically initiates impulses causing the atria to contract at the same time
  4. From the AV Node, the impules travel along the artioventicular bundle, aka bundle of his - this then stimulates the Purkinje fibers - this cause the ventricles to contract together
  5. tricuspid valve

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  1. Systolecontraction phase of the cardiac cycle ( squeeezing blood out )


  2. Componets of Cardiac Conduction SystemSinoatrial Node - AKA SA / Artioventricular Node AK -AV Node / Bundle of His, Purkinje Fibers


  3. StructureChambers that separated by walls


  4. Left AVtricuspid valve


  5. ValvesOuter Most Layer - Epicardium, Middle Layer - Myocardium, muscle layer, thickest layer - Inner Layer Endocardium -smooth and seamless