70 terms

Exam 1

A cell is the basic strucral and functional unit of a living system. This is a concept of the ..... theory.
Membrane glycolipids would contain both lipids and ....
The maine components of the plasma membrane are ...
lipids and proteins
The layer of glycolipids and glycoproteins on the exterior of the cell membrane forms the ....
Plasma membrane phospholipids have a ..... head and .... tails.
hydrophilic / hydrophobic
.... .... allow passage of ions through the membrane.
Channel Proteins
What type of membrane proteins bind signal molecules...
Receptor Proteins
The plasma membrane is selectively permeable. This means that ....
only certain substances can pass through it
Cholesterol is used in the cell membrane to ...
help maintain fluidity
The aroma of cookies baking in the kitchen reaches you in the living room. The distribution of this odor throughout the house is an example of ....
An increase in temperature will ...... the rate of diffusion.
Osmosis is the diffusion of ..... across a selectively permeable membrane.
The movement of a substance across a plasma membrane against its concentration gradient with the help of energy input is ....
active transport
Hemolysis is an example of
blood cells in hypotonic solution
Certain cells in the liver ingest bacteria and debris from damaged cells by a process called ...
..... are membrane bound intracellular structures that perform specific functions in the eukaryotic cell.
The ..... of the cell provides support, movement and organization to the cell.
The fluid within the cell is referred to as the .....
The inner folds of the mitochondrial membrane are called ...
The cytoskeleton consists of .....
microtubules, microfilaments, intermediate filaments
The rough endoplasmic reticulum has .... attached to its surface.
The control center of the cell is the ....
The organelle that synthesizes membrane lipids is the ....
smooth endoplasmic reticulum
The flattened membrane bound sacs that form the golgi apparatus are referred to as ...
The ...... of the cell are the site of aerobic cellular respiration.
The function of the Golgi complex is ....
packaging and distribution of proteins and lipids
...... and ..... are the activities associated with lysosomes.
Digestion and Autophagy
The centrioles are found in a region close to the nucleus called the ...
...... organelles are small vesicles containing oxidative enzymes that neutralize free radicals.
The golgi vesicles containing hydrolytic enzymes are called ....
The ...... organizes microtubules in the cell.
The four primary tissues types are .....
epithelial, connective, muscle, and nerve
Epithelial tissue is characterized by ....
tightly packed cells
What is a function of epithelial tissue....
secretion and absorption
Epithelial tissue is classified by
the shape of cells and number of cell layers
Epithelial tissue that can stretch or is subjected to stress would have many ....
What type of epithelial tissue is found lining the trachea....
pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium
What type of epithelial tissue is found in the kidney tubules ....
simple cuboidal epithelium
What type of epithelial tissue is found in the urinary bladder...
transitional epithelium
The secretions of endocrine glands are released ....
into the bloodstream
A cell that forms fibrous connective tissue would be called a
The three types of protein fibers found in connective tissue are
collagen, elastin, and reticular fibers
The dermis of the skin consists of ....
dense irregular connective tissue
.... functions as an insulator and a site of energy storage.
adipose tissue
What type of connective tissue is found in tendons and ligaments....
dense regular connective tissue
Lacunae are characteristic of ....
cartilage tissue
A tissue that has a fluid matrix is ...
What kind of cells breakdown bone matrix....
Movement of food through the digestive tract results from the action of ....
smooth muscle
What type of muscle is found in the wall of the heart...
cardiac muscle
What type of tissue possesses an abundant extracellular matrix....
connective tissue
Nerve tissue consits predominantly of two cell types, neurons and ....
The shape of a person's external ear is due mainly to ...
elastic cartilage
..... are single mucus-secreting cells found in the epithelia of many mucous membranes.
goblet cells
In .... cells and calcified matrix are arranged in concentric layers around a central canal that contains blood vessels.
bone tissue
Which type of epithelium is best suited for diffusion of gases...
simple squamous
A tissue containing 20 or more layers if flat scale-like cells is called ...
stratified squamous
Intervertebral discs the meniscus of the knee are composed of ...
substance secreted from the cell
fluid filled space
hairlike processes , sensory
Cell Adhesion Molecules
anchor cells to each other or to material in their environment
transmembrane protein channels specialized for passage of water
Basement Membrane
serves to anchor the epithelium to underlying connective tissue
Ground Substance
forms the matrix or extracellular space
unit of bone tissue
Mast Cells
inflammatory response...connective tissue cell....secretes
short, branched processes that receive signals from other cells and conduct messages to the neurosoma
Tight Junction
prevent leakage between cells; rivets to hold cells together