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What two elements are the main components of the Sun? How big (diameter) is the Sun? What temperature is the Sun?
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Explain how wind startsThe cool air at the bottom of the floor will be heated so it rises because it is less dense so the hot air that is now cold takes it's place and then it becomes a cycle.Review your notes on air pressure and atmospheric pressure. What is atmospheric pressure? What happens to atmospheric pressure?Atmospheric pressure is the pressure all around us but we can't feel it. It also presses on everything. When you go up in elevation the atmospheric pressure goes away because there is less and less air.Water Cycle You'll need to know the water cycle and the different locations water can go. What percentage of Earth is water and land?70% of Earth is water and 30% is land.What percentage of water is freshwater and saltwater?97% is saltwater and 3% is freshwaterWhere is the freshwater found on Earth?Freshwater is found in lakes, rivers, groundwater, and the atmosphere.