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blood is transported through the blood vessels delivering nutrients and oxygen to all body cells.

What are the functions of the circulatory system?

blood is transported through the blood vessels delivering nutrients and oxygen to all body cells.

What are the functions of the respitory system?

group of organs that takes in oxygen from air then transfers the oxygen to the blood and all body cells. removes waste

How to the lungs asnd heart work together to provide oxygen to cells?

the heart works as a pump allowing air into the lungs and releasing waste from the body.

What are the major organs of the respitory system?

mouth, nostrils, pharynx, larnynx, traachea, bronchi, lungs, avelov, diagphram.

What are the major organs of the circulatory system?

arteries, veins, capillaries, heart.

what part of the respitory system helps trap particles like dust?

mucus in nasal cavity

What are the functions of arteries and veins?

arteries are blood vessels that carry blood away from heart and veins carry blood to the heart.

what is the most important air that goes into the lungs?


what is the only vein that carries oxygen rich blood?

pulmonary vein

what is the only artery that carries oxygen poor blood?

pulmonary artery

What is the purpose of valves in veins and in the heart?

valves keep the blood flowing in one direction so as not to go backwords .

what causes a pulse?


what is pulmonary circulation?

flow of blood through the heart to the lungs and back

what is coronary circulation?

flow of blood to the heart throughout the tissues

what is systemic circulation?

largest part of circulatory system where oxygen where oxygen rich blood to the organs and body tissue, except the heart and lungs

Why are capilaries are only one cell thick?

to allow the exchange of gases to easily occur

where does oxygen in your alveoli come from?


what leaves the blood in the lungs?

carbon dioxide

what is the role of hemoglobin?

hemoglobinin real blood cells carry oxygenfrom lungs to body cells and carries some carbon dioxide from body cells back to lungs.

what links arteries and vains together?


what is transported in red blood cells?


what part of the blood makes blood clotting possible?


why do cells need oxygen?

so they dont die and we can breathe(FOR ENERYGY)

whay is blood leaving the body bright red and blood entering the the lungs is dark red?

bright red oxygen is rich in oxygen when leaving the lungs, and dark red blood contains carbon dioxide and is oxygen deprived

Function of white blood cell?

fight infection/bacteria

function of red blood cells?

carry oxygen-nutrients

function of platelets?

helps clot blood

function of plasma?

liquid part of blood mostly made of water, but contains dissolved nutrients and minerals and oxygen.

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