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13. Justified

An alignment option in which words are spaced so that the ends of lines are even with both the left and right margin.


- The spacing between certain pairs of characters.

Landscape Orientation

The way a document prints across the long side of the page.

Layout Guides

- Nonprinting gridlines used on every page of a publication to ensure consistency throughout a document.


A combination of text and graphics used as a symbol to represent a company or other organization.

Portrait Orientation

The way a document prints across the short side of a page.


A single tiny dot used as a unit of measure and to define images on a computer screen.

Sans Serif Font

A type of font in which the characters have straight edges without curls.

Serif Font

A type of font that has lines and curlicues on the edges of characters.

Text Box

An object used to contain text.

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)

Files that are used for storing bitmap images. This format is commonly used in multimedia applications.


- An object that is printed in the background. Usually adjusted so that the object appears very faint.

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