10 terms

Big Bang Theory

How long ago was the Big Bang Theory formed?
About 15 billion years ago.
What were the first two elements that were found?
Hydrogen and Helium.
What elements make up one helium?
Two hydrogens.
What happend to the energy and the light in the Big Bang Theory?
The energy bursted, and the light stretched.
What was the Big Bang Theory thought to be the start of?
The universe.
How did the Big Bang Theory first start?
It started as a dense ball of matter.
What elements made dust clouds?
Hydrogen and helium.
What did radiowaves sense?
They sensed heat, and communicated space itself.
What was the frustration with the radiowaves?
There was a hiss, and whenever there was a broadcast, it came out as radiowaves.
Who built the first satellite?