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What is gravity?

It keeps the planets orbiting.

What is a solar flare?

A massive eruption from the sun's surface that interferes with radio waves and causes electrical interference

Describe the asteroid belt.

Separates the inner and outer planets.
It was formed when the solar system was formed.

Where is the asteroid belt located?

Between Mars and Jupiter

Describe the outer planets.

The outer planets are cooler in temperature and are usually gas.

Describe the inner planets.

The inner planets are warmer in temperature and are all solids.

Why are the moon and planets visible?

Sunlight is refelected off of them

Describe the lunar eclipse order.


Describe the solar eclips order.


What is a meteor?

A rock that is falling into an atmospheere and is also known as a Shooting Star

Describe a comet.

It is made up of mostly ice and dust and begins to met when orbiting too close to the sun.

Describe an umbra.

Total shadow-darkest shadow during an eclipse

Describe a penumbra.

Lighter part of the shadow during an eclipse

What causes the seasons?

The tilt of the Earth's axis

Why do we see the moon?

It reflects sun's light.

How does the sun get it's energy?

From the fusion of hydrogen atoms in the sun's core

Do inner or outer planets orbit the sun more quickly?

Inner planets

What are the benefits of space technology?

Artificial limbs, commication devices, cures for diseases, fire suit

Where should optical telescoped be located?

On mountain tops in rural areas and away from city lights and pollution

Who was the first person to step on the moon?

Neil Armstrong

What is the name of our galaxy?

Milky Way Galaxy

What is the nearest galaxy to us?


List the celestial bodies in order of their size.

Universe, galaxies, solar system, star, planet, moon

What holds everything in space together?


Describe a spiral galaxy.

It has arms and is the youngest.

Describe an elliptical galaxy.

Oval shaped and middle aged

Describe an irregular galaxy.

The oldest galaxy with no definite shape.

How is the moon different from a planet?

It orbits a planet

What causes the tides?

The moon's gravitational pull

How is the life of a star determined?

By it's mass

What is the current space station?

The International Space Station

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