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  1. Nonsense mutation
  2. Insertion/deletion mutation
  3. Homeotic selector genes
  4. Spindle fibres
  5. Degenerate
  1. a A term applied to the genetic code that describes the fact that more than one triplet code is used to code for all amino acids other than tryptophan and methionine.
  2. b These direct the development of individual body segments. They are master genes that control other regulatory genes.
  3. c A change in DNA sequence that introduces a premature stop codon within a DNA coding sequence.
  4. d Made of microtubules, these structures are responsible for providing the framework for segregation of the chromosomes during mitosis and meiosis.
  5. e A change in DNA sequence involving the introduction or loss of 1- 1000s of bases.

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  1. Groups of homeobox genes. More complex organisms have more such groups, probably due to a mutation that duplicated them.
  2. Genetic variation where there are distinct phenotypic categories. Usually controlled by one gene to a few genes. Examples include cystic fibrosis, shape of earlobes in humans and height in pea plants.
  3. Molecule (nucleotide derivative) found in all living cells and involved in energy transfer. When it is hydrolysed energy is released.
  4. Variation of genetic information in a gene pool.
  5. Small vesicle formed that breaks away from the cell membrane during apoptosis

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  1. Central dogmaThe way in which the 64 possible base triplets map onto the 20 amino acids that are used in polypeptide chains.


  2. Crossing overMacromolecule that is a polymer of many amino acids joined by peptide bonds. May comprise more than one polypeptide chains.


  3. Proto-oncogeneGenes that control the development of the body plan of an organism.


  4. OperonA stretch of DNA consisting of two or more genes that are transcribed together and coregulated.


  5. MorphogenA length of messenger RNA carrying multiple ribosomes at different stages of protein synthesis.


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