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  1. Stutter mutation
  2. Morphogen
  3. Silent mutation
  4. Translation
  5. Spindle fibres
  1. a Made of microtubules, these structures are responsible for providing the framework for segregation of the chromosomes during mitosis and meiosis.
  2. b Causes an expansion or contraction of a run of identical codons within a gene affecting the length of a run of identical amino acids in the polypeptide.
  3. c A substance that controls the pattern of tissue development. It is produced in a particular region of a developing organism. It diffuses to other cells, which then enter a specific developmental pathway.
  4. d Stage of protein/polypeptide synthesis in which the amino acids are assembled at ribosomes according to the genetic code.
  5. e A change in DNA sequence within a gene that does not lead to a change in the amino acid sequence due to the degeneracy of the genetic code.

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  1. Genes that control the development of polarity within a body segment during development.
  2. An alternative version of a gene carrying sequence differences.
  3. Where non-sister chromatids exchange alleles during prophase I of meiosis.
  4. Macromolecule that is a polymer of many amino acids joined by peptide bonds. May comprise more than one polypeptide chains.
  5. Having two sets of chromosomes (eukaryotic cell or organism). Denoted by 2n.

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  1. Coding strandThe DNA strand encompassing a gene that carries the sequence identical to the message sequence.


  2. Genetic codeThe way in which the 64 possible base triplets map onto the 20 amino acids that are used in polypeptide chains.


  3. PolarityRefers to the location of cells with respect to the head end (anterior) or tail end (posterior) of the body.


  4. BlebSmall vesicle formed that breaks away from the cell membrane during apoptosis


  5. KinetochoreStructure formed on the centromere that attaches the chromosomes to the spindle fibres during mitosis and meiosis.