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de - grammatical particle marking genitive as well as simple and composed adjectives

yī - one

shì - to be

bù - not

le - verb particle marking a new situation or a completed action
to know, to understand

rén - person

wǒ - I, me, my

zài - at

yǒu - have, there is

tā - he, him, his

zhè - this

zhōng - middle

dà - big

lái - come

shàng - above, on, over, top

guó - country

gè - general and non-specific classifier

dào - to, towards

shuō - explain, scold, refer to

men - pluralizing suffix

wèi - for, for the sake of, in order to

zǐ - child, son

hé - together, with

nǐ - you, your

dì - earth, ground, soil, place, position, distance

chū - go out, come out

dào - way, path, channel

yě - also, as well

shí - period, season

nián - year

de - adverbial particle: verb + (de) + descripion

jiù - just, simply, right away

nà - that

yào - want, will, shall

xià - below, under

yǐ - use, take

shēng - give birth, life

huì - can, able, meet, meeting

zì - from, since

zhe - particle attached after verb to indicate action in progress, like -ing ending

qù - go, leave, depart

zhī - subordinator similar to 的 de

guò - pass, cross, go by, exceed

jiā - home, house, family

xué - study, learn

duì - correct, answer, treat, agree

kě - able, may, can

tā - she, her

lǐ - neighbourhood, half kilometer

hòu - back; behind; rear; afterwards - queen

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