Vocab 11 and 12

20 terms by olivia_newman96

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v. to support or strengthen an idea or a statement; to attest to the truth of; to confirm


n. a departure from the usual course; a deviation; an abnormal development


adj. extremely demanding or difficult; requiring or having great courage or strength, like that possessed of Hercules


n. a contemplation or survey of things that happened in the past


n. a scarcity, as of food; a lack; too small a supply of something


adj. standing out; easily seen or noticed; conspicuous; noticeable; prominent


v. to decree or decide by law; to pass sentence


adj. occurring every day; daily; occurring during the daytime


n. openness; saying what one really thinks; frankness; impartiality


adj. amusingly absurd; ridiculous


n. a skill; a clever device; a sly or artful skill; trickery


n. the position of parts or elements of something; a shape; an outline


adj. giving strict attention to what is right or proper; exact and careful


v. to infer by reasoning; to conclude from known facts and principles


v. to prove that someone or something is false or incorrect; to disprove


v. to catch the attention of, by beauty or excellence; to enchant; to charm; to attract


n. a person who supports a cause or idea; someone who makes a proposition; an advocate


adj. still in existence; not extinct, lost or destroyed


n. the use of clever talk or trickery to deceive or evade


n. the practice of foretelling the future from signs and omens; an omen or a sign

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