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  1. Assail
  2. Interjection
  3. Succor
  4. Sailent
  5. Evolve
  1. a Help in time of distress; to render help to
  2. b conspicuos; striking; Projecting up or out
  3. c To develop gradually; To change from a simpler to a more complex form of animal or plant life.
  4. d a word or phrase sometimes inserted between other words, often expressing emotion; a word not linked grammatically to other words in a sentence
  5. e To attack violently; to assault; to attack with words; to ridicule or criticize harshly

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  1. widely occurring or in general use
  2. To cause faster movement;to go faster
  3. to recover health after illness
  4. To agree;to cooperate
  5. To use to one's own advantage

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  1. CeleritySwiftness;quickness;speed


  2. Abjecthumiliating and miserable


  3. Conjecturea conclusion based on insufficient evidence; a guess


  4. PrecursorForerunner


  5. IncurTo meet with;to run into;to bring upon oneself