chemistry 8

a predictable change in a certain direction
going down a group (column) on the table, the element's atomic radius ____
electron orbital
as you advance periods, an extra _______ is added.
as you move across a period ( left to right), the atomic radius _____
there is the increasing positive charge of the nucleus
why does the atomic radius decrease when you move across a period?
upper left hand corner
atomic radius of element in its natural state
lower right hand corner
atomic radius of element when its valence (outermost) level is full of electrons
It wants to give away its one electron on its valence (outermost) level
why is Na larger in its natural state?
give away electrons, atomic radius
pick up electrons, atomic radius
ionization energy
the energy needed to remove an electron from an atom
going up across a period
trends in ionization energy:trend 1
going across a period you add more _____ to nucleus
holds the electrons more tightly, you need more energy to remove
going down a group
trends in ionization energy:trend 2
energy levels
going down a group there are more ____. holds electrons not so tightly, easier to remove.