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Locus of Control


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Internal Locus of Control
- people who believe that what happens to them is within their control, e.g. hard work
- more able to resist following orders as they feel in charge of their life
External Locus of Control
- people who believe that what happens is outside their control, e.g. fate
- more likely to obey as they think events are out of their hands
Williams and Warchel (2010)
- replicated Asch with 30 uni students, then gave them questionnaire about locus of control and assertiveness
- locus of control had minimal relationship with conformity
- the more assertive they were, the less likely to conform
Williams and Warchel (2010) Evaluation
+ very controlled study, everyone had same experience
- poor ecological validity; no one cares about line lengths
Brehony and Geller (2006)
- looked at androgynous people and gave them conforming study
- stereotype women comformed the most; androgynous women conformed the least
- androgynous women had higher internal locus of control