15 terms

Mooring Commands

Avast heaving
Cease all heaving
Secure the mooring line
Double up and secure
Run additional mooring lines as needed to make the mooring secure
Pay out or start to slack the line
Take enough turns to hold the line where it is
Let go
Slack the line smartly so that the dock hands can cast it off
Single up
Take in all mooring lines except one at each station
Pass a bight
Pass the bight of the mooring line to the dock
Pay out the mooring line and allow it to form an easy bight
Stand by the mooring lines
Alerts the crew to the fact that the ship is about to go underway
Take a strain
Heave in the mooring line and place it under tension
Take in the slack
Heave in the mooring line just enough to take out the slack, but does not take a strain
Take the line to the capstan
Lead the end of the line to the capstan
Up behind
Take up the slack behind the capstan
Move the vessel by hauling on the mooring line