39 terms

New English File advanced 4c

to call
to send a message or attempt to reach someone by radio, phone, etc.
to charge
to add electricity to a rechargeable battery
to cut off
to disconnect a phone call /service
book containing a list(esp. of numbers)
(of facilities such as telephones or lavatories) unavailable for use by anyone else or indicating unavailability
to get through
to be in or establish communication with (here by telephone)
to give me a ring
to telephone me
to hang up
to end a telephone call
a telephone line that travels over wires/cables
to make a call
telephone sbdy
missed call
displayed on the recipient's when the intended recipient was not available.
pay phones
phone (usually in a public place) where the caller has to put money in when making the call
to put through
to connect a call
to ring
to telephone
to run out of
to have no more of (something)
to speak up
to speak louder
to switch off
to cause to stop functioning
to top up
to add credit (to a phone)
to turn off
to cause to stop functioning
a service where recorded telephone massages are kept
to become hooked on (sth)
to become addicted to
behavioural addictions
activities which you can't stop doing and have a negative effect on your life
compulsive behaviour
type of behaviour where a person cannot stop doing sthg.
high (n)
a physical and mental rush of pleasure
without negative effect
edgy and tense
nervous about what may happen
to overcome (addictions)
to deal with sthg so it is no longer a problem
to seek treatment
to look for professional help
overwhelmingly anxious
very strong feeling of worry about what may happen
to wreck lives
to destroy lives
addicted to
substance or activity which you can't stop using or doing
dependent on
sthg you need (or need to do) to feel good
famous for
well known for
fed up with
adj. being unhappy, bored
keen on
obsessed with
can't stop thinking about or doing sthg
open to debate
can be debated
proud of
to feel good about sbdy's achievements or country
sick of
unhappy about