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Comparing two things - Questions and Answers (Comparative form + "not as...as")


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Which is more difficult to learn, Chinese or English?
Chinese is more difficult to learn than English.
English is not as difficult to learn as Chinese.
Chinese / English / difficult to learn
Which are more intelligent, dogs or mice?
Dogs are more intelligent than mice.
Mice are not as intelligent as dogs.
Dogs / mice / intelligent
Which are more dangerous, lions or cats?
Lions are more dangerous than cats.
Cats are not as dangerous as lions.
Lions / cats / dangerous
Which is healthier, broccoli or pizza?
Broccoli is healthier than pizza.
Pizza is not as healthy as broccoli.
Broccoli / pizza / healthy
Who is sleepier, you or me?
I am sleepier than you.
You are not as sleepy as me.
I / you / sleepy
Which is sunnier, Spain or the UK?
Spain is sunnier than the UK.
The UK is not as sunny as Spain.
Spain / the UK / sunny
Which is prettier, a flower or a piece of rubbish?
A flower is prettier than a piece of rubbish.
A piece of rubbish is not as pretty as a flower.
A flower / a piece of rubbish / pretty
Which is stinkier, an old shoe or a flower?
An old shoe is stinkier than a flower.
A flower is not as stinky as an old shoe.
An old shoe / a flower / stinky
Which is more famous, a movie star or my aunt?
A movie star is more famous than my aunt.
My aunt is not as famous as a movie star.
A movie star / my aunt / famous
Which are more energetic, dogs or cats?
Dogs are more energetic than cats.
Cats are not as energetic as dogs.
Dogs / cats / energetic
Which are better for you, vegetables or sweets?
Vegetables are better for you than sweets.
Sweets are not as good for you as vegetables.
Vegetables / sweets / good for you
Which is farther from Spain, Australia or France?
Australia is farther from Spain than France.
France is not as far from Spain as Australia.
Australia / France / far from Spain
Which is worse, smoking or eating lots of chocolate?
Smoking is worse than eating chocolate.
Eating lots of chocolate is not as bad as smoking.
Smoking / eating lots of chocolate / bad
Which are stronger, bears or mice?
Bears are stronger than mice.
Mice are not as strong as bears.
Bears / mice / strong
Which is longer, an hour or a minute?
An hour is longer than a minute.
A minute is not as long as an hour.
Hour / minute / long
Which is bigger, an elephant or a mouse?
An elephant is bigger than a mouse.
A mouse is not as big as an elephant.
Elephant / mouse / big
Which is smaller, a fly or a rat?
A fly is smaller than a rat.
A rat is not as small as a fly.
Fly / rat / small
Which is softer, a cat or a turtle?
A cat is softer than a turtle.
A turtle is not as soft as a cat.
Cat / turtle / soft
Which is thinner, a carrot or a cucumber?
A carrot is thinner than a cucumber.
A cucumber is not as thin as a carrot.
Carrot / cucumber / thin
Which is faster, a bird or a turtle?
A bird is faster than a turtle.
A turtle is not as fast as a bird.
Bird / turtle / fast
Which is more beautiful, a butterfly or a worm?
A butterfly is more beautiful than a worm.
A worm is not as beautiful as a butterfly.
Butterfly / worm / beautiful
Which is harder, a table or a sofa?
A table is harder than a sofa.
A sofa is not as hard as a table.
Table / sofa / hard
Which is darker, a wardrobe or a kitchen?
A wardrobe is darker than a kitchen.
A kitchen is not as dark as a wardrobe.
A wardrobe / a kitchen / dark
Who is older, a baby or a grandmother?
A grandmother is older than a baby.
A baby is not as old as a grandmother.
A grandmother /a baby / old
Who is younger, a baby or a grandfather?
A baby is younger than a grandfather.
A grandfather is not as young as a baby.
A baby / a grandfather / young
Which is colder, a freezer or a fridge?
A freezer is colder than a fridge.
A fridge is not as cold as a freezer.
A freezer / a fridge / cold

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