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Many older residents of Paris can still recall the day in 1944 when Allied troops ____________ the city from German occupation
Because o the lawyer's long experience in legal matters, we left it to his __________ how to proceed with the class.
Many people say that they become quite _______ when they look down from the top of a tall building.
By late September, the leaves on the trees in my neck of the woods have begun to take on their normal autumn ___________.
Our "truth in advertising" laws are designed to discourage manufacturers from ____________ the virtues of their products.
Next year, when we have a stronger, more experienced team, we hope to __________ the crushing defeat we have just suffered.
The two groups of hikers, setting out from different points, have planned a(n) ___________ at four o'clock at Eagle Rock
After being defeated in a war that lasted from 1846 to 1848, Mexico was forced to ______ vast territories to the United States.
You may like to live where the sun shines all the time, but I prefer a more ___________ climate.
According to the Bible, Noah and his family were the only human beings to survive the great ____ that once engulfed the world.
Even fans sitting high in the stands could hear the ____when the big fullback crashed into the line.
We believe that the world is now on the _____ of new and exciting developments that may dramatically change the way we live.
Her argument was so ______ that she convinced us that her solution to the math problem was the correct one.
Uncle Eddie, with his ____ figure, is often called on tho play Santa Claus.
Every eye was on us as we _____ down Main Street in our new outfits.
As a young and inexperienced employee, you cannot expect to hold more than a __________ job in that big company
After the heavy meal, we felt so _____ that we just sat in the living room and watched whatever was on television.
The impact of the head-on-collision was so severe that the drivers of both vehicles were killed________.
We can hold down the cost of the new car we want to buy by not ordering ____ features.
When they realized that sweet talk and flattery were getting them nowhere, they tried to _____me into doing what they wanted.