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ISDS 4120 Exam 2

Why can't routers forward packets as quickly as bridges can?
Routers operate at Layer 3 of the OSI model and, therefore, take more time to interpret logical addressing information
CompactFlash is an example of a peripheral device attached to the computer's ___ bus.
Each time a computer starts up, the device drivers for all its connected peripherals are loaded into ___.
___ hubs possess internal processing capabilities.
At which layers of the OSI model are gateways capable of functioning?
At all layers
A packet on a network using the RIP mounting method has been passed from one connectivity device to another 15 times. What happens when it gets passed to one more device?
It is discarded
Switches can create ___ by grouping a number of ports into a broadcast domain.
___ is a type of microchip that requires very little energy to operate.
If you purchase a new desktop computer today, what type of expansion board NIC is it most likely to contain?
___ is a set of data or instructions that has been saved to a ROM (read-only memory) chip (which is on the NIC).
Which of the following routing protocols is used on the Internet's backbone?
Suppose your company's network contains two separate VLANs. Computer A is on the Customer Service VLAN and Computer B is on the Warehouse VLAN. Besides a Layer 2 switch, what device is required for Computer A and Computer B to exchange data?
The ___ setting specifies, in hexadecimal notation, which area of memory will act as a channel for moving data between the NIC and the CPU.
base I/O port
A(n) ___ is the circuit board wire over which a device issues voltage to signal this request.
___ are combinations of networking hardware and software that connect two dissimilar kinds of networks.
You are asked to configure a backbone switch that connects servers supplying oceanic and atmospheric data to mariners and pilots around the world. Your network's traffic load is very high at all times, day and night. What type of switching do you configure the switch to use?
Store-and-foreward switching
A ___ is a repeater with more than one output port.
Which of the following devices separates collision domains?
Bridges, Switches, and Routers
You and a friend decide to set up Fast Ethernet networks in your respective houses to connect a half-dozen computers. Both of you will connect your networks to high-speed Internet connections. As the connectivity device for end nodes, you purchase a router, whereas your friend purchases a 12-port hub. Which of the following will your network do that your friend's network won't do?
Filter traffic based on IP address
Which of the following IRQs could you probably assign to a NIC without causing a conflict with preassigned devices?
9 and 11
Suppose computers on your home office network are connected to a single hub (A), but now you need to expand the network. You purchase another hub (B). Assuming you use a straight-through (not a crossover) cable, what port on hub A will you use to connect it to hub B?
Any open port except the uplink port
Which of the following is an advantage of using switches rather than hubs?
Switches can assign dedicated channels to every node, making their transmissions more secure
In cut-through switching, which frame field does the switch never read?
Frame check sequence
PCle slots vary depending on the number of ___ they support.
To eliminate the possibility of broadcast storm, switches and bridges implement the ___.
STP (Spanning Tree Protocol)
Which of the following types of routing protocols allows routers to exchange information about best paths with their neighboring routers only?
A NIC's transmission characteristics are held in the adapter's ___.
You are a network technician working on a 100Base-T network. A coworker has been having trouble logging on to the server and asks whether you can quickly tell her if her workstations' NIC is operating properly. You do not have the NIC's utility disk on hand, but you look at the back of her workstations and learn that althrough the NIC is properly installed and connected to the network, something's wrong with it. What might you have seen that causes you to come to this conclusion?
None of its LEDs are lit
What is the main difference between a Layer 3 switch and a router?
A Layer 3 switch is optimized for fast data handling; a router is optimized for accurate data delivery
Why is a large, busy network more likely to use dynamic routing?
Because dynamic routing automatically selects the most efficient route between nodes, reducing the possibility for human error
If you purchase a new laptop today, what type of NIC is it most likely to have?
The ___ is a simple set of instructions that enables a computer to initially recognize its hardware.
What potential problem does STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) address?
A broadcast storm
Which of the following is an advantage of using switches rather than hubs?
Switches can assign dedicated channels to every node, making their transmissions more secure
The primary difference between the two USB standards is___.
Switches that operate anywhere between Layer 4 and Layer 7 are also known as ____ switches.
Which of the following identifies the VLAN which each piece of data belongs?
A tag added to each frame's header
A ___ is a multiport connectivity device that directs data between nodes on a network.
Nearly all NICs contain a(n) ____, the device that transmits and recives data signals.
data transciever
If the ___ NIC LED indicator is blinking, the NIC is functioning and receiving frames.
___ routing is a technique in which a network administrator programs a router to use specific paths between nodes.
In STP, what device acts as a guide to setting the best paths between switches?
Root bridge
Which of the following is an advantage of using switches rather than hubs?
Switches can assign dedicated channels to every node, making their transmissions more secure
How do bridges keep track of whether they should forward or filter frames?
They maintain a filtering database that identifies which frames can be filtered and which should be forwarded, based on their destination MAC address
What switching technique allows you to funnel traffic belonging to more than one VLAN through a single switch interfact?
Which of the following devices can act as a gateway?
Router, Desktop workstation, Laptop (All of the above)
___ networking refers to dialing directly into a private network's or ISP's remote access server to log on to a network
The speed of a T-carrier depends on its ___ level
What technique does T1 technology use to transmit multiple signals over a single telephone line?
Time division multiplexing
On an ISDN connection, what device separates the voice signal from the data signals at the customer premises?
Terminal adapter
On most modern WANs, a ring topology relies on ___ rings to carry data
You're troubleshooting a problem with poor performance over a WAN connection at your office. Looking at the smart jack, you see the Tx light is blinking green and the Rx light is not illuminated. What can you conclude about the problem?
It is likely due to faults in your service provider's network
A ___ aggregates multiple DSL subscriber lines and connects them to the carrier's CO
In which of the following situations would you use RDP?
To enable someone else to control your workstation, which is running a Windows operating system
___ is an updated, digital version of X.25 that also relies on packet switching
Frame relay
Which of the following elements of the PSTN is most likely capable of transmitting only analog signals?
Local loop
What part of a SONET network allows it to be self-healing?
Its double-ring toplogy
____ virtual computing allows a user on one computer, called the client, to control another computer, called the host or server, across a network connection
The science museum where you work determines that it needs an Internet connection capable of transmitting and receiving data at 12 Mbps at any time. Which of the following T-carrier solutions would you advise?
Ten T1s
The individual geographic locations connected by a WAN are known as ___
WAN sites
You have decided to set up a VPN between your home and your friend's home so that you can run a private digital telephone line over your DSL connections. Each of you has purchased a small Cisco router for terminating the VPN endpoints. Which of the following protocols could you use to create a tunnel between these two routers?
____ is the standard for connecting home computers to an ISP via DSL or broadband cable
The data rate of a particular SONET ring is indicated by its ____, a rating that is internationally recognized by networking professionals and standards organizations
OC (Optical Carrier) level
A ___ converts digital signals into analog signals for use with ISDN phone and other analog devices
terminal adapter
Which of the following WAN technologies operates at Layer 3 of the OSI model?
None of the above
Which of the following WAN topologies comes with the highest availability and the greatest cost?
Full mesh
SONET's extraordinary ___ results from its use of a double-ring topology over fiber-optic cable
fault tolerance
A PSTN offers ____ security
Which of the following may limit a DSL connections' capacity?
The distance from the customer to the carrier's switching facility
Why is broadband cable less commonly used by businesses than DSL or T-carrier services?
Because most office buildings are not wired with coaxial cable
Broadband cable requires many subscribers to share the same local line, thus raising concerns about ____ and actual (versus theoretical) throughput
How does ATM differ from every other WAN technology described in this chapter?
It uses fixed-sized cells to carry data
A local bookstore that belongs to a nationwide chain needs a continuously available Internet connection so that staff can search for the availability of customer requests in the database stored at the bookstore's headquarters. The maximum throughput the store needs is 768 Kbps. Which of the following options would best suit the store?
Suppose you establish a home network and you want all three of your computers to share one broadband cable connection to the Internet. You decide to buy a router to make this sharing possible. Where on your network should you install the router?
Between the cable modem and the workstations
___ is the preferred communications protocol for remote access communications
At the customer's demarcation point, either outside or inside the building, T-carrier wire pairs terminate with a
smart jack
Because WAN connections require routers or other Layer 3 devices to connect locations, their links are not capable of carrying ___ protocols
What technique enables DSL to achieve the high troughput over PSTN lines?
Data modulation
You work for a consulting company that wants to allow telecommuting employees to connect with the company's billing system, which has been in place for 10 years. What do you suggest as the most secure and practical means of providing remote LAN access for this application?
Dialing into a terminal server that is connected to the same network as the billing system server
A customer calls your ISP's technical support line, complaining that his connection to the Internet usually goes as fast as 128 Kbps, but today it is only reaching 64 Kbps. He adds that he has tried dialing up three different time with the same result. What type of connection does this customer have?
A VPN is designed to connect 15 film animators and programmers form around the state of California. At the core of the VPN is a router connected to a high-performance server used for storing the animation files. The server and router are housed in an ISP's data center. The ISP provides two different T3 connections to the Internet backbone. What type of connection must each of the animators and programmers have to access the VPN?
Any type of Internet connection
WANs typically send data over ___ available communications networks
Which two of the following techniques help to reduce overhead in 802.11n wireless transmission?
Frame aggregation and channel bonding
Suppose you work for a telecommunications carrier who is looking into providing WiMAX in a suburb of a large city. A colleague suggests that your company reserve licensed frequencies from the FCC for your service. Why?
Licensed frequencies will suffer less interference than unlicensed frequencies
Which of the following will help an access point's transmissions reach farther?
Boosting its original strength
What is the theoretical maxiumum throughput for 802.11b?
11 Mbps
On your Linux workstations, you open a terminal window and type at the command prompt iwconfig eth0 key 5c00951b22. What have you done?
Established the credentials the wireless interface will use to communicate securely with the access point
To transmit and receive signals to and from multiple nodes in a three-storey house, what type of antenna should an access point use?
If your wireless stations are configured to perform passive scanning, what do they need from an access point to initiate association?
A beacon frame
You're working on a school district's 802.11g WLAN. Within each school, several access points serve students, teachers, and administrators. So that users can move about the school with their laptops and not lose network connectivity, each of the access points must share which of the following?
Which of the following types of satellites is used to provide satellite Internet access?
Geosynchronous orbit
When a mobile user roams from access point A's range into access point B's range, what does it do automatically to maintain network connectivity?
Reassociate with access point B
Which of the following wireless technologies boasts the highest maxiumum theoretical throughput?
Your organization is expanding and plans to lease 3000 square feet of space in a nearby building. Your supervisor asks you to conduct a site survey of the space. If conducted properly, which of the following will your site survey reveal?
(All of the above) The optimal quantity and locations of access points for the WLAN, All potential sources of EMI, The distance between each workgroup area and telco room
In the 802.11 standard, IEEE specifies what type of access method?
Suppose a user on your office network has changed the channel on which his wireless NIC communicates. Assuming the wireless connection is his only access to the LAN, what will happen when he next tries to send an e-mail?
The e-mail program will respond with a message indicating it could not connect to the mail server
Which of the following 802.11 transmission requirements contributes to its inefficency?
A destination node must issue an acknowledgement for every packet that is received intact
___ may use either the 2.4-GHz or 5-GHz frequency range
Your office currently runs a mix of 802.11b and 802.11g clients. Rumor has it that your company is about to merge with another company that uses a different wireless technology. Which of the following would be compatible with what your WLAN currently runs?
Satellite return Internet access is a(n) ____ technology
An 802.11g antenna has a geographic range of ___ meters
Satellite Internet access providers typically use frequencies in the C- or ____ bands
A directional antenna issues wireless signals along a(n) ___ direction
___ is the least popular WLAN standard
You are setting up a WLAN for an insurance agency. the network includes 32 clients, three printers, two servers, and a DSL modem for Internet connectivity. What type of WLAN architecture would best suit this office?
If intermittent and difficult-to-diagnose wireless connumication errors occur, ____ might be the culprit
In ___ wireless systems, the result is a point-to-point link
In ___ scanning, the station transmits a special frame, known as a probe, on all available channels within its frequency range
A unique characteristic of the 802.11 data frame is its ___ field
Sequence Control
What frequency band is used by Bluetooth, 802.11b, and 802.11g?
2.4 GHz
In wireless communication, to exchange information, two antennas must be tuned to the same ____
What is the purpose of a container in an LDAP-compatible NOS directory?
To organize similar objects for easier management
A(n) ___ is a pictorial representation of computer functions that, in the case of NOSs, enables administrators to manage files, users, groups, security, printers, and so on.
What is the common name in the follwoing distinguished name: widgets.com/charleston/marketing/atipton
A(n) ___ is a routine of sequential instructions that runs until it has achieved its goal
The support and use of multiple processors to handle multiple threads is known as
Suppose you have designed a domain tree for your business, Prestidigit Publications. In that domain tree, you have created two domains: Editorial and Production. You want users from the Production domain to be able to open documents on servers within the Editorial domain. You also want users from the Editorial domain to be able to update documents on servers in the Production domain. At minimum, what kind of trust relationship must exist between the Editorial and Production domains?
Two-way trust
___ is one of the most important functions an NOS provides
Client support
When a server's RAM is fully utilized, where can the NOS store unused information blocks?
In a page file on its hard drive
Which file system is native to Linux?
A(n) ___ is a self-contained, well-defined task within a process
A(n) ____ is the record of a user that contains all of his properties, including rights to resources, password, name, and so on
Every UNIX and Linux system contains full documentation of UNIX commands in the ___ pages
A(n) ____ is a list that organizes resources and associates them with their characteristics
Suppose you own a computer that contains a 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and an 8 GB hard drive. If you wanted to install Windows Server 2008 on this computer, what is the minimum hardware upgrade you must perform, if any?
Increase the hard drive space to 10 GB
What primary advantage does Windows Server 2008 gain by assigning each operation its own 32- or 64-bit memory area?
Multiple applications running simultaneously are isolated and, therefore, are less likely to adversely affect each other
Suppose you want to determine which users are currently logged on to your Ubuntu Linux server. Which of the following commands would allow you to do this?
A piece of software called ___ translates requests and responses between a client and a server
You are the network administrator for an architectural design firm, Keystone Allied, which relies on Windows Server 2008 servers. You have designed the network with three domains in its tree: Administration, Design, and Building. The Administration domain contains three child domains: Executives, Accounting, and Marketing. You have been asked to add a new Canon 7095 printer for Marketing personnel in MArketing domain. Which of the following could be the printer's distinguished name?
What are the three tiers in a 3-tier architecture
client, middleware, server
A workgroup is a group of interconnected computers that share each other's resources without relying on a central ___
You have created a printer object for a new HP LaserJet in your Windows Server 2008 Active Directory. Before users can print to this printer, what else must you create in Active Directory?
A printer share
The process of copying directory data to multiple domain controllers is known as
UNIX was one of the first operating systems to implement a ___ file system
A GUID (globally unique identifier) is a 128-bit number that ensures that no two objects have ___ names
Which command would you use to remove a directory on a UNIX server?
The printer queue is a ___ representation of the printer's input and output
Another term for the UNIX command interpreter that translates your typed commands into machine instructions is
The term ___ memory refers to the RAM chips that are installed on the computer's system board and whose sole function is the provide memory to that machine
Naming (or addressing) conventions in Active Directory are based on the ___ naming conventions
What is the relationship between threads and multiprocessing?
Processes are made of threads; threads within a process can be handled by different processors to improve server performance
If Alex's user account belongs to the Teachers group on a Windows Server 2008 network, and the Teachers group has read and execute permissions for the Lessons folder, what can Alex do with documents in the Lessons folder?
Open an existing document
____ memory may be logically carved out of space on the hard drive for temporary use
By far, the most popular expansion board NIC is one that uses a(n) ___ bus
____ satellites are the type used by the most popular satellite Internet access service providers
Geosynchoronous orbit
In ___, a wireless signal splits into secondary waves when it encounters an obstruction
___ is a command-line function for viewing and setting wireless interface parameters and it is common to nearly all versions of Linux and UNIX
___ is an 802.11n feature that allows two adjacent 20-MHz channels to be combined to make a 40-MHz channel
Channel bonding
____ is an 802.11n network feature allowing the combination of multiple frames into one larger frame
frame aggregation
The average geographic range for an 802.11a antenna is ___ meters
Which two of the following IRQs could you probably assign to a NIC without causing a conflict with preassigned devices
9 and 11