11 terms

psych111 exam 2

refers to our initial experience of a stimulus
through the process of ____ , we are able to interpret incoming sensory patterns
neurons cannot
transmit light or sound waves directly to the brain
our sensory receptors play a key role in detecting ___ in the external world
incoming stimulus information
the process of _____ is responsible for the conversion of physical energy to neural impulses
the ___ refers to the smallest amount of physical energy needed to produce a sensory experience.
absolute threshold
the absolute threshold for vision is defined as the ability to detect ___ located ___ on a clear night.
a candle flame, 30 miles away
a ___ refers to the smallest change in physical energy between two stimuli that is recognized as different.
difference threshold
webers law states that the higher the intensity of the stimulus, the ___ it will have to be ___ to result in a noticeable difference in sensory experience.
more, change
___ refers to the loss of responsiveness in receptor cells due to constant stimulation
sensory adaption
visual transduction occurs within the ____