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-branch of Indo-European
-Divided into Goidelic and Brythonic groups
-5 examples of Celtic languages: Welsh, Irish, Breton, Scottish, Cornish
-Welsh has survived because even though many English speakers migrated to Wales to work in the coal mines (and the language was shortly lost), The Welsh Language Society has instrumental in preserving the language.
i.e Welsh history and music have been added to the curriculum, obliged to provide services in Welsh, there are Welsh-language road sign, Welsh language television, required for many jobs...

Australia's Aboriginal and New Zealand's Maori:
-Before the British colonized Australia and New Zealand these countries had their own languages that were not English
Australia used to have a mandatory Aboriginal test for immigrants when they had their "White Australia" policy...now require they just learn English
But now education is oriented toward teaching English rather than maintaining local languages
-New Zealand has made Maori one of its three official languages since a Maori Language
-Commission was established to preserve the language

France's Occitan:
-In the north they speak French, derived from the dialect, Francien [d'oil]
-Francien became standard form of French because region included Paris, so became the country's official language
Occitan spoken in the south, and today it has many different dialects [d'oc]
-The French gov. has established bilingual elementary and high schools because the national ministry of education has encouraged this