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muscle descriptions

O= manubrium of sternum and medial clavicle
I= mastoid process, and occipital bone
A=flexes & laterally rotates head
O= Zygomatic arch
I= Angle of ramus of mandible
A= moves Jaw
O=Manubrium of sternum & medial end of clavicle
I=Lower margin of hyoid
A=Depresses larynx and hyoid
O=Posterior manubrium of sternum
I=Thyroid cartilage
A= Pulls larynx and hyoid downward
O=Lower margin of mandible & mastoid Process
I=Connective tissue of hyoid
A= Opens mouth and depresses mandible
O=Occipital bone C7 and all T vertebrae
I=Acromion & spine and lateral clavicle
A=Shrugging shoulder, adduct, elevate scapula
Levator Scapulae
O=C1-C4 transverse process
I= medial border of Scapula/superior to spine
A=Elevates/Adducts Scapula
Rhomboida Major and Minor
O=Spinous Process C7-T5
I=Medial border scapula
A=Squaring shoulders, Stabilize scapula
O=Embraces trapezius insert points, clavical acrom & spin
I=Deltoid tuberosity of humerus
A=arm abduction
Latissimus Dorsi
O= from T6-L5 and iliac crest
I=Humerous intertubercular sulcus,
A= Arm extension, adduction, medial rotation at shoulder
Teres Major
O=Posterior scapula at inferior angle
I=Crest of lesser tubercle of humerus
A= Extends medially ortates adducts humerus
O=Subscapular fossa of scapula
I=Lesser tubercle of humerus
A=Holds head of humerus in glenoid cavity, medial rotation
O=Supaspinous fossa of scapula
I=Superior aspect of greater tubercle of humerus
A=Abducts arm at shoulder
O=Infraspious fossa of scapula
I=greater tubercle of humerus
A=Rotates humerus laterally
Teres minor
O=Lateral border of dorsal scapula
I=greater tubercle of humerus inferior to Infraspinatus
A= rotates humerus laterally
Pectoralis Major
O=Sternal end of Clavicle cartilage of ribs 1-6
I=Fibers converge to insert on great tubercle of humerus
A=Arm flextion & Medial rotation/adduction of arm
Pectoralis Minor
O=Anterior surface of ribs 3-5
I=Coracoid process of scapula
A=Draws scapula forward and down
Biceps brachii
O=short head-coracoid process
Long head supraglenoid tubercle of scapula
I=Radial tuberosity
A=Flexes elbow, supinates forearm
O=Front of distal humerus
I=Coronoid process of ulna
A=Flexes forearm
O=Lateral supracondylar ridge
I=Base of styloid process of radius
A= Flexes arm at elbow
Triceps brachii
O=Long House-Infraglenoid tubercle of scapula
Lateral head-posterior shaft of humerus
Medial head-posterior humerus
I=Common tendon to olecranon process of ulna
A=Forearm extention
Transversus abdominis
O=Lumbar fascia & cartilages of last 6 ribs
I=Linea alba
A=Compresses abdomen
Internal Obliques
O=Lumbar facia & iliac crest
I=Linea alba, pubic crest & last 3 ribs
A=Flex vertebral column
External oblique
O=Fleshy strips from lower 8ribs
I=Fibers insert into linea alba
A=Flex vertebral column
Rectus abdominis
O=Pubic crest and symphysis
I=Xiphoid process & costal cartilages of ribs 5-7
A=Flex and rotate lumbar region
O=Anterior superior iliac spine of coccyx
I=winds around medial knee and inserts on medial tibia
A=Flexes, abducts leg at knee
Tensor Fasciae Latae
O=Anterior iliac crest
I=Iliotibial tract
A=Steadies the trunk on the thigh
O=Interior border of pubic symphysis
I=Proximal, medial surface of tibia
A=Flex leg at knee
O=Superior ramus of the pubis
I=Posterior femur below lesser trochanter
A=Adducts and flexes thigh
Adductor longus
O=Pubis near pubic symphysis
I=Linea aspera
A=Adducts, flexes thigh
Adductor magnus
O=Ischial & Pubic rami & ischial tuberosity
I=Broad area- linea aspera & supracondylar line of femur
A=anterior portion-adducts, medial rotates thigh
Posterior portion- with hamstring to extend thigh
O=Posterior superior tibia and fibula
I=Posterior calcaneus via calcaneal
A=Plantar flexes foot
O=Medial & lateral condyles of femu
I=Posterior calcaneus via calcaneal tendon
A=Plantar flexes flexes foot
Tibialis anterior
O= Lateral condyle and upper shaft of tibia
I= Inferior surface of 1st metatarsal
A=Dorsiflexion of foot
Vastus Lateralis (quad)
O=Greater trochanter of femur
I=Patella & tibial tuberosity
A=Extends knee
Vastus medialis (quad)
O=Medial suprcondylar line of femur
I=Patella and tibial tuberosity
A=Extends knee
Vastus Intermedius (quad)
O=Anterior/lateral surface of femur
I= tibial tuberosity
A=extends knee
Rectus femoris (quad)
O=Anterior inferior iliac spine above acetabulum
I=Patella and tibial tuberosity
A=Extends knee
Biceps femoris (hamstring)
O=Ischial tuberosity
I=Common tendon for both heads w/ insertion of on head of fibula and lateral condyle of tibia
A=Extends thigh, flexes knee
Semitendinosus (hamstring)
O=Ischial tuberosity
I=Medial upper tibial shaft
A=extends thigh, flexes knee
Semimembranosus (hamstring)
O=Ischial tuberosity
I=Medial condyle of tibia
A=extends thigh, flexes knee
Gluteus maximus
O=Dorsal ilium, sacrum and coccyx
I=Gluteal tuberosity on head of femur
A=Extensor of thigh
Gluteus medius
O=Lateral surface of ilium
I=Lateral of greater trochanter of femur
A=Abducts, medially rotates thigh
Gluteus minimus
O=External surface of ilium
I=Anterior greater trochanter of femur
A=Abducts and medially rotates thigh