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What dental instruments are more commonly referred to by a number than by their name?


What part of the instrument is located between the handle and the working end?

Hand Cutting.

Instruments of what classification are used to manually remove decay?


Besides indirect vision,the mouth mirror is used for?


The main characteristic of the working end of an explorer is?

Cotton Pliers

What instrument is part of basic setup?
spoon excavator,
cotton pliers,

Periodontal Probe

What instrument is used to measure the sulcus of a tooth?

Black Spoon.

What instrument is similar to the spoon excavator in appearance and use?


What instrument is use to carve the interproximal portion of the amalgam restoration?


What instrument is used to pack amalgamin the tooth preparation?


What kind of instrument is a discoid-cleoid?

Crown and Bridge.

What type of scissors would commonly be seen on a restorative tray setup?

110 pliers

Howe pliers are also referred to as?

Amalgam well.

Newly triturated amalgam is placed in the? before it is packed in the amalgam carrier.


On which tooth surface would the Hollenback carver be used to carve amalgam?

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