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Possessive Nouns Practice


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(more than one)The explorers homes.
The exporers' homes.
(more than one cat) The cats cages.
The cats' cages.
(more than one child) The childrens lockers.
The children's lockers.
(one) The bunnys tail.
The bunny's tail.
(one) The childs book.
The child's book.
(more than one) The womens jackets.
The women's jackets.
(one) The trees leaves were falling.
The tree's leaves were falling.
(more than one tree) The trees leaves were all falling.
The trees' leaves were all falling.
(one girl) It is the girls cookie.
It was the girl's cookie.
(more than one girl) They are the girls cookies.
They are the girls' cookies.
(one dog) The dogs food was gone.
The dog's food was gone.
(more than one dog) The dogs food was gone.
The dogs' food was gone.
(one boy) The boys hat was blue.
The boy's hat was blue.
(more than one boy) The boys hats were blue.
The boys' hats were blue.